pony trainers


A continuation of the My Little Pony Dresspheres!

Trainer Queen Chrysalis with her changeling!

Festivalist Trixie with her enchanted paper scoop rubber duckies!

Dark Knight King Sombra!

The Mane Six  -  The Cutie Mark Crusaders  -  Cadence, Sunset Shimmer, and Zecora  -  The Princesses

This lesson kid told her mom (pictured proudly snapping shots with her phone in the background) all she wanted for her birthday was to go to her first show and ride Peter. Trainer (also pictured in the background) pulled strings to make it happen, aka got me to spend my spring break tuning Peter up and brought me to the show to school him beforehand. It was all worth it when Peter perfectly packed the birthday girl around, earning them 3rd place in the elementary division! 

Loch Moy Cross-Derby, 3/14/15