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Pokemon ideas: Trainer/Rancher grooming a Tauros, Mismagius tutoring a young witch, Dog Show contestant with a Growlithe or Houndour, Mr Mime helping old ladies at the supermarket, gardener with many Budew following behind

Here’s some of your suggestions! The witch one was fun to make, tho drawing mismagius gave me a mild headache haha

Overheard at a Horse Show

*sitting at the in-gate for pony jumpers*

Trainer: Now around that corner what do we do?

Kid: I don’t remember!?

Trainer: You hit him with the All Mighty Hand of God! (pointing to the hand-shaped crop)

Kid: Oh yeah!

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I'm late with these farrier stories but the farrier at my barn has worked with my trainer's pony for years now, and whenever he sees him he says "Oh hi Toby!" in the happiest voice and it's honestly a wonderful moment every time

That’s adorbs

The majority of our up-coming young riders think like children on fair ponies and not trainers on animals bred for performance. They should strive to better themselves and their horses, not solely the size of the jump they can manage.
Our grade school, and the majority of our teenage riders, focus on simple accomplishments, not the overall goal.

Riding is about how you ride in between the fences, what you do over the obstacle is of much less importance.

They need to know how their and their partner’s body works. The horse is a complicated, yet simple creature. Teach him how to use his body, how to stretch and be supple, not just ride in false roundness. Our uneducated young riders think dressage is having a horse’s head “on the vertical” when they don’t even know where or what the vertical is. (Let alone what poll flexion stems from)

Teach our naive generation, and the those after us, to train the horse, not just ride it.

—  mseventer
(Thoughts and conclusions from what I have seen)
Bleach characters' childhood dreams

As requested by princessbenihime. :)

It is time to find out what Bleach characters wanted to be when they were children…and how that worked out for them.

Sasakibe: When I was a child, I desperately wanted to be an earl.

Sasakibe: I didn’t really know what that was, but I really wanted it.

Urahara: I wanted to grow up to be a kitty!

Urahara: My best friend was one, and it looked so cool!

Urahara: Sadly, it turns out that isn’t a thing.

Hisagi: I alternated between rock star, cook, and person with a house.

Karin: I wanted to be a professional soccer player.

Yuzu: And before that, you wanted to be a pony trainer, remember?


Cang Du: I wished to start a two-person percussion group called ‘The Clang Duo.’

Cang Du: I was a precocious child.

Rose: Oh, I always knew I wanted to be a musician and a poet!

Unohana: I always knew I wished to slaughter my enemies.

Kenpachi: Hey, me too!

Masaki: I always knew “Quincy” was in the cards, but when I was a little kid, I got it into my head that the world’s best job was “Lion Mane Braider.”

Masaki: And I don’t know why.

Ginjo: All I wanted was to be a ramen taster.

Kyoraku: Model.

Kyoraku: I played dress-up a lot as a kid.

Ukitake: I wanted to be a shepherd, only for fish!

Ukitake: A fisherd!

Byakuya: As a child, all I wished to be a was a pirate.

Byakuya: I made myself a little pirate’s hat and said “yarr” a lot.


Byakuya: It was an unfortunate time.


I’m sorry, but this is probably the CUTEST thing that happened all day. Wow, I remember when I was that tiny and had horse troubles. She was a doll, and quite a trooper! This little girl is going to be a fantastic rider one day because, despite some mishaps and mischief on the pony’s part, she stayed on!

This lesson kid told her mom (pictured proudly snapping shots with her phone in the background) all she wanted for her birthday was to go to her first show and ride Peter. Trainer (also pictured in the background) pulled strings to make it happen, aka got me to spend my spring break tuning Peter up and brought me to the show to school him beforehand. It was all worth it when Peter perfectly packed the birthday girl around, earning them 3rd place in the elementary division! 

Loch Moy Cross-Derby, 3/14/15