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Results from the livestream c: it took long because well I had to color the last pictures and I added 3 doodles for myself which is my Fallout 4 character Marjorie, Amy Wellard from Shardlight (the game im currently into) and Tangerine my squid child of hell.

So Its written next to it whos is whos c: if you want your request cut out and sent to you privately I can do that just send me a message! Also at request, the request from Laser is for their friend so I hope their friend likes it!! 

Thanks for attending everyone it was hand breakingly fun!!


Abypela Ponies

An underwater-pony open MLP species!

Abypela ponies live in the oceans and seas, and very rarely deep lakes. They CAN breath on land but must return to water every 48 hours or risk dying up and dying (they can avoid this by submerging themselves entirely in ocean/sea water for a few minutes every 48 hours if they wish to stay inland).

Some also prefer shallower waters and coral refs. Even with wings, they are flightless.



Traits in green are common (Fin-wings, small blunt horn, pony tail)

Traits in pink are uncommon (No wings, large blunt horn, shark/fish/porpoise tail)

Traits in red are rare and are not allowed to be added without permission (Large backcrest, dual horns, tentacles)

They can be any colour but must have bright(er) markings on their gills and eyes, as shown on the ref. The lightest colour will be the colour of the ranking dots.



All of Abypela ponies are ruled by a single mated pair, the King and Queen. If one or both rulers are nonbinary, they are addressed as Ruler or My Highness.

Rank is determined by marks on the pony’s flank, and are added/removed by magic. The first dot(s) is/are added at birth and are determined by the family’s rank. A pony can climb/drop rank.

Low class members of society have a single dot.

Middle class members of society have two dots.

High class/nobles/aristocrats have three dots making a V shape.

The King/Queen has four dots.

All Kings take the name Tidal Current. The Queens do not take a specific name. As such, reigns in Abypela ponies are determined/defined by the Queen’s name. If a King does not have a Queen, that point in history will then fall under his name.


King Tidal Current

The current King of the Abypela ponies, King Tidal Current was born into his rank by his mother, Queen Rushing Waves. He was raised a Prince and inherited the crown when his Father was killed by an underwater earthquake. His Mother then resigned from Queenship.

His magic controls the ocean/sea currents. His traits are: dual horns, winged, normal pony tail, squid tentacles, large backcrest.

He currently does not have a Queen.


Species Status

They are OPEN! Feel free to make them and tag them abypela pony for me to find and reblog!


Did this when going through my backgrounds and realized I never really did a reaction from Pixel Sombra on the message written in the nightsky by the modwhale back in Let’s Organize.

Got stumped on how to end it, so why not just let Kingsley from @ask-king-sombra by @ask-wiggles mysteriously appear to give Pixel Sombra some grief.

Pixel Sombra must have been using discount spells again since Kingsley is there. Again.


Someone brought in an old pile of drawing paper from the cabin the other weekend, and I found some (really bad) sketches of an old pony OC of mine. Decided to update his design a bit…and then make him an entirely different species of pony altogether. Deep sea squid, anyone? :D 

His name is Naulus. All I know is that he can shapeshift into a regular unicorn to go about on land, but the minute he submerges underwater his more sinister and tentacle-covered self takes over. His eyes also glow in the dark, and he’s a bit creepy…He’s slimy and cold to the touch, even in his unicorn form. 

Just going to say this now, in case I do more with them… Squidponies (as I have so creatively named them) are NOT an open species and I’d prefer if you didn’t make one of your own, or base a character design off this one. Thanks!

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This is to all those who are new to Thunderbirds are Go on tumblr… Since it’s release, much fannon has been created - this is but a snapshot summery with more to come… possibly… please don’t hold me to this…

and so, one F.A.B. day on Tracy island…



I can remember where this one originated… I just remember reading something about my little pony and another about John riding a horse and so this was created in my mind probably… anywho…


gordonssquidy + crimsonreach

and finally….

thunderbirdalan + tracyislanddeckchair 

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Legit kinda choked up and amazed that the DIRECTOR IN CHARGE of something I’m making SILLY FAN ART PLUSHIES off of loves and is buying my stuff, since something like this has never happened to me. 

And after that LaughingSquid feature I had to sort through like 50 notes and comments about them and wanting orders oh my gooossshhh.

RIP mumbles, died knitting squids until he drowned in them.

I’m just so happy and amazed that people like the silly things I make. ;A; THE WORLD IS SO STRANGE AND AMAZING.

it’s unacceptable for you guys to be making porn out of children’s games and characters, especially when games and shows are marketed towards them and if they want to google their favorite character it’s some naked pony plowing a squid like