pony slayer

Three words that every fandom implicitly understands:

“Oh. That episode.”

though we all may have our differences, this is the one thing we have in common

looking for blogs to follow!!

okay!! i’m looking for some blogs to follow pls reblog if you’re into/post any of the following!!

  • - Pokemon
  • - Digimon
  • - Harry Potter
  • - Steven Universe
  • - MLP (any generation)
  • - Gravity Falls
  • - Fairy Tail
  • - Naruto
  • - How to Train Your Dragon
  • - Marvel (particularly Ms Marvel, Black Widow, Hawkeye, tv and comics)
  • - DC (Batgirl(s), Teen Titans stuff… tv and comics)
  • - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • - NCIS
  • - CSI (any)
  • - Disney / Pixar / Dreamworks / Etc
  • - Cartoons…. lots of cartoons…
  • - Musicals
  • - Art of any kind


Like and Reblog This If...

You blog the following….

- Dr. Who

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

- Charmed

- Glee

- Paramore

- The Pretty Reckless

- Cute Animals

- Anything Pagan or Wiccan

- Disney

- Angel 

- Harry Potter

- My Little Pony

- Musicals

- Game of Thrones

- American Horror Story

- Bethyl

- The Walking Dead

- Body Art

- Girl Code

- Positive Messages

- Gay Rights

- Feminism (but not the ‘hate all me’ kind)

- Pregnancy (Especially interested in Pagan moms-to-be

Yes. I have a wide variety of interests. But if I like your page, I will follow and hopefully you will follow me as well! 

Miss Officer and Mr.Truffles fanart yeah!

I Totally support turning this into a real animation. It has a great potential!

More fanart to come,next will probably be a gif/short animation in flash,maybe. (yes,I’m already turning into a fanboy just by looking at others’ fanart and imagining the potential stories hahaha)