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GIVE ME SOME PONY AND DR. D CONTENT... LIKE IDEC WHAT, THEM BEING BADASS OR SOMETHING. or alternately, them being lame dorks, i don't mind either

Dr. Death will never forget the time a dust cloud sped towards him in the desert, and when it cleared and Dr. D had blinked away the dust in his eyes, the glorious mirage that was Show Pony stood before him. They reached up and took off their helmet, shaking out their hair. It seemed to be in slow-motion, and Dr. D could see the glint, shinier than anything but sharp like flint, and he couldn’t stop his thoughts from getting poetic. 

Show Pony put one hand on their hip and cocked their head to one side.

“Heard you were a doctor,” they said. “Need a nurse?” 

It wasn’t until later that Show Pony told Dr. D that they’d taken off their helmet very slowly on purpose, that it wasn’t just their incredible beauty and charm, though that was certainly part of it. If there was one thing they knew, they explained, it was how to make a first impression. 

That was proved true the first time they were in a scrape together, or almost a scrape. The plywood door splintered with a sharp crack, and Dr. D paused in the middle of a sentence as about five Dracs clambered in. Show Pony, not missing a beat, stood up and clapped their hands together once, the sound echoing enough that all eyes went to them (eyes often did). 

“Gentlemen!” They exclaimed. “What a lovely surprise!” The dracs looked amongst each other, murmuring. “I can’t believe you waited this long to visit me. It really has been eons. You simply must let me take you on a tour of the old place!” 

Dumbfounded, the dracs followed Pony through the tiny, cramped rooms of the station, listening to them expound on the virtues and how they ‘really wished you’d given me some warning, I would have tidied up’, and when the tour was done, cheerfully waved the dracs out the door with a promise of a sooner visit next time. The dracs moved as if spellbound, not quite sure what they were doing, getting into the car and starting the engine with mechanical movements. Dr. D watched Show Pony stand and wait at the broken door, until the car’s retreating dust cloud was out of sight. Once it seemed they were safe, Show Pony shakily skated over to Dr. D and fell down into his lap. Trembling, each glitter speck caught the light. Dr. D watched, and didn’t think Show Pony’s first impression would ever wear off. 

Hearts of Ice

x Kim Taehyung (V)

Fluff ft. Smut || Master list || Words: 4437

AU: You are a figure skater, Taehyung an ice hockey player. The two of you meat by coincidence on your shared home ground, the ice and while Tae Has the hockey league finals ahead of him you have your individual competition in figure skating. 

Kinks featured in smut: Dirty talk, spanking, shower, public place

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You grabbed a hold of the wall, panting slightly, your feet sore.

“Good, but not perfect. We’ll continue next week. Until then I want to see you improve.” Your trainer scolded and pointed towards you with her pen, second later she was gone, leaving you alone in the ice rink.

You sighed and fixed your pony tail before skating out towards the center again.

You performed the entire routine flawlessly, but for your trainer everything under perfect was flawed. You decided to call it for the day and began to swirl around the ice in freestyle, skating around and around in circles, easing your mind. You didn’t have a lot of time left before the hockey team would come and shoo you off the ice.

The figure skater team and the hockey team were familiar with each other, even though they shouldn’t be, but parties on the weekends were common amongst them.

Normally you wouldn’t go to the parties, even though you were invited, but it was never really your thing to get drunk and then forget what you’ve done the night before. You also had strict orders from your trainer and no alcohol and early bedtime was two of them.

You skated off the ice and took off your skates, putting them in your bag as you walked out of the arena you could hear the sound of hockey clubs and heavy steps approach. Right on time.

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have the happy holiday ponys, and hope you enjoy the holidays

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You know what’s weird? Gee’s red hair was a happy image

Whether on stage

in music videos

or award shows.

Then Gee killed Party Poison 

which put a damper on the hair color. Then Val Velocity dyed his hair red and even though you spend most of Danger Days not agreeing with or even liking him, you realize around this panel that he isn’t too far off from Party Poison or even Gee himself.

Which ruins the color even more. It was from the Danger Days era, it should stay there, along with the ray guns and  the bad luck bracelets and wherever Show Pony skated off to. But recently Gee dyed his hair red again, to promote his new album and that is just weird to me.

He’s never gone back to a color or hair style before so why red? It’s a little unsettling. It makes me wonder if the Danger Days Era has a second part we never knew about. 

Icy Lovers || Closed Roleplay

Miyuu was on the ice, her hair swept up into a braided pony tail as she skated, her feet moving in complex step sequences. When her music ended she was left panting, looking at the ‘audience’ that was in the bleachers. The rink was silent except for her breaths, which clouded in the cold air of the small arena.


I like to think that one of the reasons why Pony got into roller skating is because, well, we know he’s pretty worried about his apeareance so he wanted to be taller but high heels aren’t a practical thing in dessert as roller skates are.

Idk if this counts as a headcanon cuz I’m new at this but gonna tag it anyways

Hello there tumblr and welcome to day 12 of the 25 Days of Christmas Ponies! 

For today we have the two best background ponies and the only OTP that matters, which is of course, Lyra and Bon Bon. Here we can see them spending some time together, ice skating on  a frozen lake. I think of all of the daily posts I’ve made this year, this one’s so far my favorite. 

As always, come back tomorrow and everyday until the 25th for ne, daily Christmas/winter themed pointy ponies!