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After School (M)

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Min Yoongi. 3 531 Words. A bit of everything for genre.

Inspired by I Hate U I Love U

All alone, I watch you watch her


Cursing and ducking at the sight of someone around the other end of the hallway and waiting until white noise of murmurs and footsteps to fade away is only a Wednesday norm for you. A dizzying clatter of horribly orchestrated instrumental on the second floor, in the music room cuts through the silence and strums on your anxiousness.

So maybe skipping club activities and sneaking out of the club room isn’t worth the unease in your chest. You slide the door to your classroom, relieved that you’re alive and well still. Because the president, namely, Seokjin, will have your head if he knows you, the vice president of the cooking club (who absolutely can’t cook for your dear life) is yet again going AWOL.

You’re not too keen in staying back after school to waste approximately one hour and forty-five minutes of your life catering to pots and pans when Seokjin’s going to give you a share of his dish at home anyway because you’re neighbors. Thus why you’re in the classroom to gather your bag and leave the premise as soon as humanly possible.

But god forbid you collecting the text books and ink pens on your desk without the fascinatingly attractive boy sitting by the window noticing you. Wistful and mellow are his eyes, nose and lips. But all too soon they disappear underneath the pull of frustrated eyebrows.

“Can’t even be left alone in this goddamn place.” He clicks his tongue, not caring if you heard it.

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