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Can we talk about the pricing for a moment here? 

A combo, which comes with three donuts, costs more than three specials, which would net you the same three donuts. 

A half dozen costs $5, but a dozen costs $11 - so why wouldn’t you just buy two half dozens for $10? 

And there’s a couple of medium items on the menu that cost more than their large counterpart…

Stevonnie was right: this isn’t a very sound business practice.

the signs as 5sos' trademark clothes
  • aries: luke's leather jacket
  • taurus: ashton's pony shirt
  • gemini: calum's bomber jacket
  • cancer: michael's mismateched black and white pants
  • leo: luke's red plaid flannel
  • virgo: calum's denim jacket
  • libra: ashton's bandana
  • scorpio: calum's snapbacks
  • sagittarius: ashton's fedora
  • capricorn: luke's nrivana shirt
  • aquarius: michael's galaxy leggings
  • pisces: every ashton shirt with holes
Ponyboy Oneshot - First Time

Requested, thank you

Ponyboy moved from kissing your lips and kissed along your jaw and down to your neck. You had your fingers tangled in his hair loosely. He hovered over you with your legs entwined with his. Pony moved a hand down to your hip and used the other to hold him up. He broke to look at you, asking for permission to continue. You only nodded and he reattached his lips to your neck. He moved around until he found your sweet spot and sucked roughly until he left a hickey. You reconnected your lips with his and kissed him roughly. You moved your hands down to the bottom of Pony’s shirt and slipped it off, throwing it on the floor. You slid your hands down his chest until you got to his jeans and undid them. He kicked them onto the floor and removed your clothes before just looking at you. He smiled down at you.


“You’re just so beautiful.”

You kissed him again, smiling against his lips. Ponyboy slipped his hands behind you and unclasped your bra. He threw it to the floor and kissed your chest. Ponyboy kisses down your body and grabs your underwear with his teeth pulling it down to your ankles before slipping it off all the way. He drops your underwear to the floor before connecting his lips to your inner thigh and leaving a hickey. He makes his way back up and looks at you.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this? I don’t want to pressure you into anything considering this is our first time and all,” Pony says looking you in the eyes.

“Yes Pony. I’m sure.”


He lines himself up before pushing into you gently. You bite your lip and Pony stops moving.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, you’re okay. Keep going.”

He nods and moves in and out of you a little faster.

You moan softly and wrap your arms around his torso.

“Oh Pony…”

Pony moves in and out faster and deeper and you wrap your legs around his waist. You hold on to him tighter. You both let out moans and connect your lips. You kiss his neck and moan against his skin.


You moan loudly as you throw your head back against the pillow, silently thank God that nobody else is home.

“Ponyboy. Oh God, Pony.”

The house is now filled with your moans along with Pony’s. He moans out your name and buries his face in the crook of your neck. You start shaking as you get close and hold on to Pony as tight as you can, now a moaning mess. Sweat was forming on both if you and you ran your hands down Pony’s chest. His thrusts became sloppy as he got closer. He moaned against your skin and you gripped his hair tightly as you came. Pony pulled out and came on your stomach. He stood up and got dressed. You got up and cleaned off before getting dressed.

“That was amazing, Pony,” you said as you wrapped your arms around his torso from behind.

He turned around in your arms, “I know. We should do it again some time.”

He kissed you and lead you out to the living room where the entire gang sat. Most of them stared and Darry sat uncomfortably. Dally walked over to Pony and patted him on the shoulder.

“Good job, man.”

Your faces immediately turned a deep shade of red as Steve and Two-Bit grinned at each other. Soda walked out of the kitchen and stopped next to Pony, leaning against him.

“Hey, Pony. How was your afternoon?”

“(y/n)…(y-)…” you heard Steve say in a fake moaning voice.

“Ponyboy. Oh God, Pony.” Two-Bit said in the same tone as Steve.

“Oh my God,” Pony groaned as he turned around and pulled you back into the room, closing the door behind you.

“Oh, come on Pony! I have to sleep in that bed!” you heard Soda shout.

“Round 2!” Steve shouted.

Every now and then I think about my oldest oc, and try and redesign her. She was basically a self insert, so she doesn’t have much of a story for her own, but sometimes I try and come up with some ideas for her. These are my favorite designs so far.


And then Maru failed to keep a straight face for the photo. (Ba dum tsh)

Something silly inspired by the tradition of giving ugly knitted shirts and woolly socks for christmas. And if Maru was going to get stuffed in a centaur-sized shirt, Pony needed to have socks.


Who remembers Ashton’s pony shirt?? I say we make a petition to bring it back. WE WANT THE PONY SHIRT, WE WANT THE PONY SHIRT.

Who is this sparkly morning person? What is Enel doing there? Why does he look so unamused? And is Enel wearing a My Little Pony shirt??? All these questions, and more—probably—will be answered in…The Guardian AU!! Coming soon on this blog, the Guardian AU will be a comic and fanfic series full of excitement, feels, and awkward life moments.

Enel © @thesilvereye

The Guardian AU by @maysartcorner and @throwaninkpot,

Art by @maysartcorner