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dont let others dislike of something get in the way of you being happy. your happiness is infinitely more important than others opinions of you, i think we could all breathe a little easier being free to love what we love

Idea: a (serious) study on fandoms

Imagine doing a full research on them, because I seriously believe there are so many interesting things to know about how fandoms behave. (I have to point out that I’m a Literature major, so I geek over this stuff)

I mean:

  • Controlled vocabulary. Starting with the very words fandom and fangirl/fanboy, but you also have words like canon, headcannon, ship/shipping, AU, etc. which are words with a designated meaning used by a community. This happens in every field, being science or literature. We coin specific terms that envelop important ideas we wish to convey.
  • “Fan” as a prefix with a given meaning. Fandom, fangirl, fanart, fanfic, fanvideo, fantheory…
  • Reception theory. How a text (being a book, film, or whatever) can have an impact on the reader, and how this reader reacts and creates something as a response to the original text. And how this new text affects new readers.
  • Intertextuality. All the references, both direct and indirect, not just to the main text, but actually mixing it with other ones. How characters make cameos on different fandoms, or the super-who-lock, crossovers, etc. Why do we get more intertexts between certain fandoms and not others? Can all fandoms be united? How many texts does the reader has to know in order to “properly read” a text?
  • Fandoms as metatext. A text that reflects about its nature (think Deadpool, who is always engaging with the audience because he knows he is a character and is able to break the fictional pact with the reader).
  • The community aspect. How do we behave as a community? How can you consider someone an “active” or “passive” member of the fandom? How does the members interact with each other? Do we have different social codes when meeting in person than when we do online? How does our communication vary?
  • Fandoms as linguistic groups. Usually a linguistic group is defined by context and culture. The circles you move in will shape the way you speak and approach others. So, you have your family, your friends, the country you live in, the specific areas in which you move around… all these affect us. How does the fandom affect us linguistically, socially and culturally?
  • The impact on independent artists. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve seen that many independent artists are able to take commissions and such thanks to the fandoms, and they are able of earning money through it. Is there any other kind of impact achieved by fandoms?
  • Evolution and detachment of fandoms. At some point fandoms become almost entirely independent from the main text, having enough media, theories and other texts to delve into without needing the main one. They evolve differently from other fandoms. On the other hand, the bigger and wider the fandom the more elements they cross it with (see intertextuality).
  • “Live” fandoms. Do we apply this concept to those fandoms that are constantly thriving and generate interactions and texts? What about those fandoms that are very small or lack strong active members?
  • Main text lifespan. Think about the fandoms that have an ongoing main text, like current tv or book series. Think about Harry Potter, how it had a wave with the books, then another one with the movies and now it’s reaching other audiences thanks to the new films and the Wizarding World. Think about LOTR or other fandoms in which the main text is not giving them anything new. How do all these fandoms behave according to the main text lifespan?
  • All the psychological aspects. Why do you join a fandom? Does the fandom help or hinder your relationship with the main text, or maybe even yourself? Why do we like it so much? What does it mean to you being part of it?

Aaaaand that’s it for now. Just some ideas. You see, we like being part of fandoms, it’s fun, but there’s so much more to them! Anyways, thanks. All comments and thoughts are appreciated.

(Has anyone done this yet?)


I recommend people  who are trying to find something that supernatural fandom doesn’t have a gif for, to stop, because you always end up looking stupid.

Three words that every fandom implicitly understands:

“Oh. That episode.”

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“Obviously, my mind palace is better than yours.”
“Technically, it’s not. I have a Maud room.”
“Well I have a John room.”

See the speedpaint right here!

I really LOVED the last episode. It was really funny and the moral was interesting.
As a big fan of Sherlock, I literally died laughing when Mudbriar talked about his mind palace. I don’t know if the reference was intended, but it sure made me think about Sherlock! XD
So, I drew Mudbriar showing off while Sherlock is jealous in the background.

It was really funny to draw and it didn’t take me too much time like last week’s drawing. Overall it took me about 3h45. I hope you like it! x3

yall need to leave yourselves alone honestly. sophmore year of highschool i had just gotten out of an incredibly abusive relationship with a dude that policed everything i did on a daily basis and constantly made me feel like garbage for everything i liked. He wasnt the first, every boyfriend I had up to that point had treated me the same way, and I was constantly looking for approval from everyone pretty much 24/7.

Then that stupid fucking pony show came out and it was lame and dumb and i remembered that me and my sister watched it once on summer vacation and had a blast making fun of how stupid it was the whole time. so i watched it and it was horrible and dumb and i was so embarrassed but i thought: You know what? Fuck it. Ima keep watching. so i did. then my friends also started watching. yeah we were the ironic hipster bronies that bought all the merch and drew fanart insisting that we only liked it because it was stupid, but none of that matters. nothing about the show actually mattered. that experience taught me to give new things a chance despite being made fun of. it taught me to enjoy something even if its unpopular and people look down on me for it. every time i see something cringy or shitty i just think to myself “maybe this’ll be like my little pony, maybe theres something in this that will improve my life” and i always give it a shot.

if not for the pony show i would have never stuck with Steven Universe through the slower first episodes where the art was kinda lackluster and steven was an utter annoyance (you can pretend your son is pure and perfect all you want but pearl herself admits that steven was obnoxious before he started to mature) if not for the pony show i probably wouldnt even wanna be an animator, because while i always loved cartoons i was too ashamed to admit it to friends or family and would always have nightmares of them finding out and making fun of me

everyone has a piece of media that influenced them in this way. for some people its anime, for some people its superwholock, for some people its tumblr itself. and all of you look back at your first fandom you joined on your own and think how cringy it was and feel shame but im here to tell you dont. 

maybe supernatural isnt the cinimatic masterpiece you thought it was, and maybe there isnt anything really that artistic or insightful about the pee scenes in elfen lied. but you liked it, and through liking it you were able to give other more deserving pieces of media a chance. and for that you should offer yourself a little more respect, and give the new generation of people learning to be themselves through media a little more respect. thanks and goodnight