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Imagine: You start your period at the Curtis house

You were cuddling on the couch of Ponyboy’s house with Pony. You two were watching a movie that Pony had been begging you to see. You were halfway through the movie when you felt your stomach starting to cramp. You were confused but decided to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom.

When you got there, you were horrified. You had started your period for the first time. Of course it had to be at your best friend’s house! You were shocked and utterly horrified to find that you had a blood stain on the back of your jeans. You slowly walked out of the bathroom and put your back against the wall as you walked back into the living room.

“Uh…Pony? I-I need to g-go home…” You stuttered, trying your best to hide the stain from him.

“What? But you don’t have to go home for another hour or so…” Pony said.

“Uh…you-you’re right…I’ll just stand here and watch it…” You said and gave him a nervous smile.

“Hey, that’s okay! I like standing, too!” Pony smiled and got up to stand next to you. Fuck! Now what were you going to do?

“Hey, guys! I’m home from work- WHAT THE FUCK! (Y/N)! YOU’RE COVERED IN BLOOD!” You heard Soda scream. You turned around and were faced with a horrified Soda, staring at the blood stain on your pants. Pony gave him a confused look until he saw the stain himself. Then, his eyes became huge.

“Oh-Oh my god! (Y/N)! You’re bleeding out!” Pony exclaimed, looking at his brother for help.

“I started my period while watching the movie, Pony. I’ve never been on my period before so I don’t know what to do!” You admitted. You felt like you were going to die of embarrassment.

“Uh-Uh…That’s okay! Um…I think we still have tampons from mom…uh, let me check.” Soda said, beginning to dig around drawers in the kitchen, searching for a tampon from his mom.

“This is not happening…” You mumbled, about to cry.

“FUCK! You are way skinnier than mom, there’s no way they’re gonna fit you!” Soda exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air.

“Look! I’m just gonna walk home! I don’t live too far from here-”

“Are you insane!? There’s no way you’re walking in your condition, silly!” Pony yelled, “Soda, hurry!!!”

“There’s just plastic bags, I don’t know what the-FUCK YOU WANT ME TO DO!” Soda screamed, started to get frustrated and beginning to panic.

“I’ll go check over here…” Soda said, rushing to the other side of the kitchen. Just then, Darry walked through the door.

“Pony! (Y/N)! Soda! I’m home early!” Darry yelled through the house, walking into the kitchen after hearing Soda freaking out.

“We’re just gonna have to plug it up! I found this!” Soda panicked, holding up the sink drain.

“Okay, what the hell is going on here?” Darry asked, looking at Soda in confusion.

“Uh, (Y/N) is on her period for the first time and we don’t have anything to stop the bleeding and she’s bleeding EVERYWHERE!” Soda yelled, still searching for something to stop the blood.

“Ew, disgusting.” Darry mumbled and turned to you, “I mean, congrats, (Y/N)” Darry smiled and shook your hand.

“CONGRATS!? SHE’S BLEEDING TO DEATH!!!” Pony yelled, looking at you in panic.

“Oh my god…my stomach hurts!” You groaned, clutching your stomach tightly and squeezing your eyes shut.

“SHE’S HAVING CONTRACTIONS!!!” Pony screamed and ran over to the house phone, tripping on furniture on the way there. He grabbed the phone and started dialing a number. You heard Soda making a lot of noise in the kitchen. He was slamming cupboards and closets, searching frantically for something to help you stop bleeding as much.

“Hello? 911? MY FRIEND IS BLEEDING OUT OF HER VAGINA!!!” Pony exclaimed, holding the phone close to his ear. You mentally face palmed yourself and Darry rubbed his temple in annoyance.

“WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME!? THIS IS NOT FUNNY! MY BEST FRIEND IS BLEEDING TO DEATH, YOU SICK BASTARD!” Pony screamed into the phone. Darry walked over to Pony and took the phone, apologizing to the operator before hanging up. Darry started talking to Pony, trying to explain what a period was.

“Listen, Pony. It’s just…the lining of (Y/N)’s internal organs…just spillin’ out of her.” Darry tried his best to explain it, but that only set Pony off more. He clutched his heart and looked at you with tears in his eyes.

“Oh no, (Y/N), oh no…” Pony whined and covered his mouth as he started sobbing, thinking you were about to die.

“Look, Pony, I’m not dying!” You tried to explain to him.

“I’VE GOT FROZEN PEAS AND A SPONGE!” Soda said, holding up the two items. We all gave him a look and he threw the across the room, beginning to search for something else.

“I’VE GOT IT!” Soda yelled, running to the coat closet.

“MAXI PAD ON A STICK!” He exclaimed, pulling out a sponge mop. You covered your face with your hands and cried.

“Oh my god! I want to kill myself…” You mumbled, completely embarrassed by the scene in front of you.

“Look, (Y/N), I think I know where mom might have left a spare tampon. C’mon, I’ll help you clean up.” Darry said softly, leading me to the bathroom. I sniffled and followed him. As I entered the bathroom, I heard Pony yell out:


(Inspired by this movie clip. My sister showed me this clip and I instantly thought of the Curtis brothers in this situation…)


a few of the things in my room that make me happy and fill the empty void in my heart (ूʚ̴̶̷́ .̮ ʚ̴̶̷̥̀ू) ♡*:゚*。⋆ฺ


So I’ve been getting some messages since deValier’s most recent page update asking where someone can find a certain fic, what another fic was supposed to be about, or if that fic was finished or not. To answer these questions I’ve decided to make a post about each of them (with links to them if they exist) for your convenience.



We’ll Meet Again (Us x Uk; 13 chapters) 

Keep Smiling Through (short sequel to We’ll Meet Again; 1 chapter)

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart (Germany x Italy; 18 chapters)


La Patisserie de la Rose (France x Canada; 6 chapters) 

Libelle Hall (Prussia x Austria; 3 chapters)

Of Ponies and Edelweiss (short sequel to Libelle Hall; 1 chapter) 


Blue, White, Red (Us x Uk; 3 chapters) note: character death/tragedy  

Sleep, Little Bird (Sweden x Finland with Sealand; 1 chapter) note: character death/tragedy  

Gallipoli (Australia; 1 chapter)

Stay With You (Germany x Italy; 1 chapter)



Bésame Mucho (Spain x Romano; 6 chapters so far)

Something To Remember You By (Turkey x Egypt; 1 chapter so far)  note: said to be tragedy

Lily of the Lamplight (Prussia x Austria; 4 chapters so far)  note: trigger warning for attempted sexual assault

Jealousy (Russia x China; 1 chapter so far)  note: trigger warning for violence and assault. also has a big age difference

My Echo (Switzerland x Austria; 1 chapter so far) 


Catch Perfect (Sweden x Finland; 8 chapters so far)

The Tiger and the Dragon (Russia x China; 4 chapters so far)

Meanwhile, Across Town (Us x Uk; not found - summary, quote)

PLANNED FICS: (all Veraverse; no chapters available for any of these; summaries

Autumn Leaves (Rome x Ancient Greece)

Faraway Places (Bad Touch Trio) 

It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow (Lithuania x Poland)

Room 504 (Greece x Japan)

Somewhere In France With You (France x Canada) 

When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Sweden x Finland - excerpt)

When The Lights Go On Again (Estonia x Latvia) 

You’ll Never Know (Hungary x Liechtenstein)

I hope this was helpful for anyone wondering. I’m still looking for his fic Meanwhile, Across Town, so if anyone has it will you please let me know? 

And while I still have your attention may I make a brief shout out to anyone new or still in the deValier fandom not to harass George deValier for not finishing these fics please. He’s already written so many beautiful fics, and that takes time and motivation and an insane amount of effort that is done WITHOUT BEING PAID. The last thing he needs is people whining at him about not writing what they want him to write and why he hasn’t updated yet. Now what you can do is compliment him on his beautiful stories and say how much you loved them. 

thank you for your time~   

What Dreams Are Made Of

- Curtis Living Room -


Johnny: HEY NOW

Soda: *walking inside*

Pony and Johnny: THIS IS WHAT DREEEAMS ARE MADE OF- *see Soda and freeze*

Soda: *stares*

Pony and Johnny: *stares*



Johnny and Soda: HEY NOW

Two-Bit: *walking inside*

Pony, Johnny, and Soda: THIS IS WHAT DREEEAMS ARE MADE OF- *see Two-Bit and freeze*

Two-Bit: *stares*

Pony, Johnny, and Soda: *stares*


Pony and Johnny: HEY NOW

Soda and Two-Bit: HEY NOW

Darry: *walking inside*

Pony, Johnny, Soda, and Two-Bit: THIS IS WHAT DREEEAMS ARE MADE OF- *see Darry and freeze*

Darry: *stares*

Pony, Johnny, Soda, and Two-Bit: *stares*


Pony, Johnny, Soda, and Two-Bit: HEY NOW



Requested by anonymous

“No” Darry said sternly once he saw the adorable animal sleeping in your arms. You pouted.

“Please let me keep him” you begged following your big brother around the house. Darry let out a grunt.

“[Y/N] we can’t afford to take care of an animal”.

“I’ll get a part time job or something” you argued “please please please!”. Darry rolled his eyes.

“Oh come on Darry let [Y/N] keep the dog” Soda laughed walking into the room with Pony right behind him.

“Yeah I’ll even help take care of it” Pony added. You grinned brightly. Darry grumbled under his breath before he let out a long sigh.


Giving it Up

finding out you and nathan are pregnant aka you’re pretty upset and jealous because you’ll have to give up your swim career 

word count: 1,925

Looking down at the pink plus sign, you shoved it at the bottom of the medicine cabinet, knowing no one would spot it there. You had to figure out what you were doing to do before you had others butting in.

A child would change everything. You knew everyone says that, but for you it would completely shift the way your life was currently headed. Your entire life everything revolved around your passion of swimming. With this surprise pregnancy everything would suddenly be thrown out the window. You weren’t sure if after the large chunk of time this would take you’d be able to recover. It was terrible, mostly because you hated how upset you were, anyone else would be thrilled to find out they were going to be a mother. All you thought about was your career coming to an end.

You and Nathan had of course talked about having children, you knew he was going to make an amazing, attentive father, but you had never discussed when. Although you never said it, you had a feeling that both of you were shooting for starting a family after the 2020 Olympics. You wanted two more Olympic games under your belt before you started a family and perhaps left swimming forever. With Olympic trials only a couple months away, you knew there was no way you would be in Omaha competing.

Rushing out of the bathroom you join your husband in the living room who was just finishing up an interview on the phone. You sit beside him on the couch and wait for him to finish. “Thank you so much. Great talking to you.” Hanging up the phone he turns to you and smiles, “Where have you been all day? I feel like I haven’t seen you.”

Rolling your eyes a bit at him you reply, “Well I’ve been here the entire time.” You’ve just been busy, you think to yourself, just like you’ll be busy swimming when I’m stuck at home with our child.

At the bitterness of your tone, right away Nathan can sense something is wrong. He’s known you forever, and he often knew you better than you knew yourself. When you both had eloped, there was a little annoyance from your parents due to their absence, but nobody thought you had jumped into marriage too quickly. Everyone knew how dedicated you were to each other, how much you understood the other’s lifestyle, both of you being swimmers and recognizing how much focus it took.

Your first date was actually a dare. It was your first year being on the swim team at Stanford and the older girls decided to haze you just a bit. They dared you to ask out a member of Cal’s swim team, your school’s biggest rival. They mentioned how all girls on the team had done it before, mostly as a way to psych them out and make the Cal swim girls jealous, perhaps putting them off of their A game. You reluctantly agreed but soon ended up forgetting about the team ritual. It wasn’t until the meet against Berkeley you remembered when everyone began to tease you about which boy you would “choose.”

You looked around the outdoor pool, nervous about the whole ordeal. You should have never agreed, but you knew that the rest of the team would have been disappointed if you hadn’t. Most of the Cal swimmers were bunched up on one of the stands, yelling and cheering to support their teammates competing in the men’s 100-meter backstroke. All of them except for one boy who was perched on the top of the stands, looking deep in concentration.

When you approached him he didn’t look at you, he just kept looking straightforward with a determined look. You cleared your throat and he quickly turned to look at you, blushing and giving you a big smile.

“Oh sorry.” He had said clearly embarrassed that you had caught him in his trance. You sat down beside him, “It’s fine. I’m completely the same before a race.”

“You swim?” He asked you, and you couldn’t help but let out a laugh, “Um yeah. That’s why I’m wearing a suit.”

You didn’t think he could have gotten any more red, he was nervous beyond belief. Not only for his first race as a Cal Bear but mostly to be talking to you. He shuts his eyes tightly and opens them, “I’m sorry. Of course you do. I’m Nathan by the way, complete idiot.” You laugh once again. “I’m y/n, charmed by complete idiot.”

You both turn away from each other, eyes fixed on the pool trying to hide how smitten you already were with each other. You couldn’t believe this was an actual dare; he was so cute and so sweet, there was no way this could be considered a dare.

The rest was history. After going out on a couple of dates and starting to feel real feelings for him you revealed the truth. You thought he would be mad about the dare, but he just laughed and said, “Do they really think it psyches us out?”  

The team teased you for dating the competition, but it was all in good fun, they knew how much you cared about him. You both continued to date, making the hour commute between Palo Alto and Berkeley seem easy. When you both had finally graduated you transferred to his training center, moving in with him and continuing your swim career. You two had such a long road together, you’d been through two Olympic games, hundreds of races, and you hoped for more but now all you were probably going to see was bottles and diapers.

“What’s going on?” Nathan presses. You want to push it aside, but you know that you can’t. There’s no way you can push this aside. Sighing, you put your head in your hands, “I’m pregnant.”

Although you mumbled into your hands and it was barely audible, Nathan knew exactly what you had said. “W-What?” You feel his hand reach for yours and you pull away. You turn to look at him and see a frown on his face. Moving away from his touch isn’t in your character and it’s clear he doesn’t know how to react.

“Do you think this is a bad thing?” Nathan asks confused. You don’t answer him, but he goes on. “Because it’s not. Not in the slightest. We should be jumping up and down right now, I mean that’s definitely how I feel.” Giving you a half smile he reaches out for your hand again, this time you let him grab onto it.

You furrow your eyebrows; he clearly doesn’t understand what this is going to do to you. Of course he doesn’t, because he won’t be affected at all. He’ll be able to go to trials, compete in the Olympics and win more gold while you’ll have morning sickness, swollen feet, and abnormal eating patterns.

“That’s easy for you to say,” you say breaking your silence, “you’ll still get to go to Rio, still get to swim and do what you love.”

He blinks at you a couple of times in disbelief, unsure if the words coming out of your mouth are real. “Babe… What are you saying? We’re having a baby. A little person that’s both of ours, that’s going to be apart of us, and you’re thinking about swimming?”

“How can I not? It’s both of our lives, and now I have to stop while you keep going?” He lets go of your hands and stands up, pacing around the room a bit. “I’ll stop. I won’t go to Rio if that’s what you want. If that’s what it’ll take for you to be excited about this. I love you and I love this baby. We’ll take some time off and just focus on the three of us, we’ll hold on until Tokyo.”

You hold your stomach feeling it turn at the way you’re acting. You were putting all of this on him like it was his fault that evolution chose women to have children. He was actually willing to give this up for you and your unborn child who was barely bigger than a blueberry. You were being selfish and you knew it, but your worst fear through all this would be becoming jealous of Nathan. You put in all of this work for the last four years and you couldn’t see it ending up any other way. You were so afraid that the jealousy would end up tearing you and Nathan apart, the last thing you wanted.

“No… You can’t do that. I-I’m sorry, I’m just so scared this is going to ruin us.”

He grabs onto your shoulders, slowly moving his hands to yours and looks into your eyes, “I’m going to make sure it doesn’t. Whenever you need me I’ll be here to do whatever it is you need me to do. If it gets too hard for you to see me swim just say the world and I’ll stop.”

You couldn’t believe Nathan, how much he was willing to give. Years and years together and he always shocked you with how warm and selfless he was. Here you were complaining about what was supposed to be the next step in your life together and he just continues to be compassionate.

For the first time since finding out about your pregnancy you let out a real smile, “No, that means you’ll have to get a real job. Like a chair salesman.” Nathan lets out a groan, “Ugh don’t remind me,” he says, not wanting to follow in the footsteps of his multiple friends from school.

He moves one of his hands to your stomach looking at you for a signal approval. You nod your head and he crouches down the small amount he needs to be level with your stomach. “Hey there bud. Or budette… I don’t know whatever you prefer is alright with your mom and I.” Hearing the word mom makes your heart warm a bit, as if that’s all it took to make this a reality. “We’re so excited to meet you, spoil you to death and take you to the pool. I’ll have you know your mom is quite talented when it comes to swimming and you’re going to be just as good as her in whatever you want to do.”

“Maybe more,” you quip, looking down at him. He lets out a smile, “Maybe more. And you’re of course going to be a Cal Bear.”

You take a step back from him, “Excuse me? The baby is clearly going to be a Cardinal.” Nathan stands up and rolls his eyes, “Whatever you say babe.”

“We’re never going to agree on this.” You mutter.

He laughs and puts his arms around you, “I think if that’s our biggest problem we’re going to be just fine.”

You finally felt yourself feel the emotions you should have when you first found out. A wave of excitement washed over you at last and felt eager to meet the little human in your stomach who was going to be better then both of their parents at everything.

“I love you so much,” you say to Nathan. “There’s no one else I could ever see me doing this with.”

“And to think that this whole relationship is based off a dare.” You laugh and hit Nathan on the chest at his response.

Although months away you both spend the rest of the night eagerly making plans for baby Adrian, only spending 30% of the time arguing about whether they were going to Berkeley or Stanford.