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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 7

Sorry for the long wait you guys. I wrote this chapter while eating grilled cheese sandwiches and a cup of sweet tea lmaoo. As always don’t be shy to send me feedback and I need 100 notes for the next chapter, but I’m sure you know this by now.


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The first thing you felt when you woke up was pain. Excruciating pounding in your head to be exact. Just the slightest movement made it worse and you silently vowed to never drink again, although you knew for a fact you were lying. You got a whiff of the scent of waffles and shot up, rushing to the bathroom to empty your stomach from the alcohol and the small bit of food you consumed the night before. God, did you feel awful.

You flushed the toilet and sat on the cool tile floors for a moment, deciding on whether you were strong enough to stand or not. It was then you realized that you were staring into Calum’s room after noticing the messiness and his navy blue and grey duvet hanging halfway on the floor. You stood up and grabbed your spare toothbrush to clean away the horrendous taste that was left in your mouth. After you splashed your face with cold water a couple of times, you decided to go find Calum. It had to be at least eleven or twelve, because usually Calum would still be asleep beside you when you woke up.

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@whencandyattacks asked me for my fave ponies that I own so here they are together!

Top left to right : Sweet Lily, Raincurl, Ringlet, Locket
Bottom left to right : Streaky, Night Glider, Baby Rainribbon, movie version Firefly, Stripes

They are all g1s because it’s my fave generation! ;u; I hope it’s not too many!! It’s really hard to pick favorites when they’re all so beautiful!! 


(Guess these’ll do for references for now!  Probably make proper ones later.)

(Here’s the cast so far (though we haven’t met a couple of them juuuust yet)

(Top to bottom:)

(Astral Arc, inventor, radio technician)

(Laissez Faire, Astral’s boss)

(Red Velvet, pastry store owner, Astral’s roommate)

(Puff Pastry, tiny ewe, Velvet’s pet)

(Black Diamond, author and radio voice actress)

(Imperial Garnet, night guard)

Damn Micks, back at it again with another drawing! So this is the finished version! I’m super relieved when I finished this. Can you find all the (probably not) hidden dragon balls? This was awesome to put together. See ya in the next post!


My younger daughters begged me to draw them more ponies. One wanted Fluffle Puff and the other wanted me to draw my “Fluttershy Pony with green hair”.

For those who haven’t read the comics, Winter Willow is an ancestor of Fluttershy and the first bearer of the element of Empathy. She can sense emotions and sometimes thoughts, particularly when touching another.

This experience is strange for her on many levels.

Do these @ things work? @fluffle_puff @askflufflepuff?