pony portraits


Deliverance by Yosha Photography


I can do: Animals, humans, OC’s of any kind, anthro/furry, mythical creatures

Types: Portraits (headshots/busts/full-body, pricing is the same), cover-art (for fanfiction or other), illustrations (backgrounds are an additional $10), commercial (logo/ad), banners

Ask me about visual development! 

Ask me about restrictions/guidelines for NSFW commissions :3

If interested, send me a message here on tumblr, at my dA (SingingSeaShelle), or email me at seashellestories@yahoo.com :) 


1 Character (no color) - $5

1 Character (+ color) - $7

1 Character (+ color + shading/lighting) - $10

Character + Background (no color) - $10

Character + Background (color) - $17

Character + Background (color + shading/lighting) - $20

Additional characters - $5 each 

Items/accessories - $2 each


A couple more anthro toned-paper headshots ‘cause… well, why not? I think I’m getting the hang of this too. :3 So here ya go; two of my favorite gals, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle! Brooooooo I dunno if you guys know this but I absolutely love Twi with short hair. It looks so good on her. o3o

…. Actually I really love short hairstyles on people in general. Just… hair’s very fun to draw man. ;_;

Anyway, the markings are the ones I give them when they’re in Rainbow Power mode. They aren’t here, but I thought it’d be kinda cool to add them anyway ‘cause of the extra splash of color. I hope it looks okay. >.>

I hope you guys like them! :3 These are so fun, who do you think I should draw next?