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My Top 10 Favorite Cartoons

1. Miraculous Ladybug

2. Steven Universe

3. Gravity Falls

4. Kim Possible

5. Danny Phantom

6. Avatar: The Last Airbender

7. My Little Pony

8. The Loud House

9. Adventure Time

10. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Im sending out the word now

If you’re going to the CTNa eXpo tomorrow, and you’re going to this panel, you gotta record that shit! If you can that is.

Never before have these guys all been in the same room together and never again will they most likely.

This is seriously like the Justice League coming together, like Avengers assemble man.

Spread the word, this panel needs to be documented.

Time for yet another rant about fandoms being childish:

Originally posted by supheaux

Guys- I’ve seen some things concerning the SU fandom and the most recent episode that are worrying me. It’s something that I’ve also seen happen in other fandoms so I’ll address it now.

Firstly, and I find the fact that I have to say this or you’ll just brush this post aside absolutely fucking ridiculous: I’m not cis.

Secondly, it’s absolutely fine to headcanon a character as trans. As non binary. As whatever the fuck you want.
I personally have headcanon’d characters as several gender identities that weren’t cis in the past.
That’s fine, that’s awesome even.
But you do not. I repeat. You do NOT force your headcanon into other people. No matter how noble you think it is.
People have the RIGHT to headcanon and interpret a character whichever way they want.
If you do, I’m sorry you’re just being a huge jerk. And for what? You think our headcanons will make a difference in the show at the end of the day? No, no they won’t. All you’re doing is making this fandom less enjoyable by starting fights and forcing ideas onto others. And forcing ideas will always only result in people pushing said idea away, you’re really only shooting at your own foot there, other than being a pest.

I’d say it’s also not cool to go around shooting down other people’s headcanons if you don’t agree but if you’re FORCING them onto other people or being a passive aggressive piece of shit (”ooohh this is making cis people mad keep doing it!” - seriously are you fucking 5? This is so incredibly childish.), I can’t really fault them for reacting.

In sum: grow up, have your fun with people who enjoy what you do and let the people who don’t enjoy what THEY like in peace. Talk about your headcanons like adults, if you want to be treated like so.

Everything I like
(almost everything)

Literally, my life is...

I just love how it takes me one episode, one magna chapter, and three novel chapters for me to:

-devolp a crush
-choose an OTP
-fall in love
-start fangirling
-start writing iternal fanfiction.

Reblog with all of your fandoms.


My parents didn’t get me a birthday card so I drew one myself…of me in 13 different cartoon styles….

yes I am a peridot.

(btw. no. my parents aren’t horrible, they’re great, they got me gifts XD just forgot the card)