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fandom related baby names

I don’t know what to name my children in the future

Should I name them after a human boy and a magical dog who lives in a post apocalyptic world? A princess from another dimension? Gemstones and different minerals? Twins who spent a summer vacation in Oregon? Another inter-dimensional traveler? A Raccoon and a Blue Jay? A blue cat and a fish who grew legs? Two child prodigies who builds contraptions in their backyard? Ponies? Wizards? Magic People? A FRICKN’ LADYBUG AND BLACK CAT WHO SAVES PARIS???

A pic suggested by @theponysexual
Of twilight meeting my first lamia Oc , chicken pen

I should make note this isn’t hypnosis, CP, can’t use hypnosis thanks to a accident when she was a young teenager, it’s her special stare that paralyzed a pony for a good bit, and she isn’t planning to harm twilight either, even her money can’t keep ponies quiet if twilight went missing

No instead she will use….her methods, to break the princesses mind, make her a cute little puppet to use and abuse her power to cover up ponies who go missing by the forest~

CP: oh dear no need to be so afraid….. I don’t bite …much~ in the end u’ll be begging for me to nibble those cute wings of urs *she giggled darkly as she pulled twilight deeper into her coils*