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Young Outsiders Recast –> Asa Butterfield as Dallas Winston

“If I had to pick the real character of the gang, it would be Dallas Winston— Dally. I used to like to draw his picture when he was in a dangerous mood, for then I could get his personality down in a few lines. He had an elfish face, with high cheekbones and a pointed chin, small, sharp animal teeth, and ears like a lynx.”

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Fandom Lore

Okay, here’s an idea.

You know Hetalia? From what I understand of the show, it’s countries personified as people.

But what if…

There was a show like that… [it doesn’t need to be anime, could be anything]


The working title is “Fandom Lore.” I need a new one. Please.

So my idea is basically like what I know of Hetalia in the way that there’s personification, but I have my own ideas for it, too. For example, their names wouldn’t be their fandoms, due to trying to place them in the real world, but for this “pitch” I’ll just refer to them by their fandom names.

These characters– we’ll call their team Tumblr (capital T) for now– can hop between worlds, so one episode they’re fighting Daleks in Doctor Who, the next there’s some cool transition where they portal-jump to Frozen and defend Arendelle. They also have their home universe, where they try to live normal lives without anyone finding out what’s going on. Most episodes focus on saving worlds, but sometimes there’ll be something normal like a Christmas Party or Prom Dance or whatever public schoolers do. Also, they are not allowed to tamper with any plots of the show. For example, they can’t return Rose to the right universe, as that would tamper with a fixed point in time. In Tumblr’s terms, any fixed point in time is something in the show’s canon.

And each of the fandoms are nice little characters, and form their own team of who-knows-how-many people. The main characters, however, are the ones I find most popular on the internet, though I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

The three leaders are Superwholock. There should be at least one girl and one boy, and I think Doctor Who would be the girl because that would be interesting, especially since we just had the Missy reveal. Also the fangirls appear to outweigh the male viewers, at least by the standards of tumblr.

Doctor Who is the central character, (I mean, the show’s 51, we might as well) who is the main leader and struggles to keep everyone from tearing each other’s throats out before they can attack the given enemy. She is a Time Lady, though she may-or-may-not be aware of this fact. If she is not, then we have to decide whether she’s fobwatched or just really stupidly oblivious, and if she is fobwatched than for how long- if she was fobwatched as a baby, then she would only know being human, but if it was a week before the show it would be different. Then we have to decide when to reveal she was fobwatched… so yeah, that’ll take some time.

Supernatural is weapon-happy and always prepared for anything (to symbolize the “has-a-gif-for-it” thing), while they have to bust Sherlock out of an insane asylum in the pilot in order for him to be of any use to anyone.

Superwholock forms sort of a triumvirate, like Augustus Caesar, Mark Antony and Lepidus, only more successful and more amiable.

I’m not in very many other fandoms, but here’s a short list of some ones with stereotypes I’ve noticed turned into character traits:

  1. Doctor Who: As listed above, the leader and peacekeeper. Also is an avid shipper (in real life as well as other universes), and very intelligent. Time Lady/Lord (presumable female).

  2. Supernatural: Second-in-command. As mentioned, very trigger-happy and prepared for anything. Wears plaid a lot and often carries salt. Obsessed with pie. (I don’t watch Supernatural, I just got this from stuff on my dash, so if there’s anything I’ve missed, just put it in a comment.)

  3. Sherlock: Third-in-command. Also as mentioned, had to be bust out of an insane asylum in order to be part of the team, and lives full-time at Tumblr HQ. (maybe the Dashboard or something.) Though a little off, when focused is extremely intelligent and can deduce almost anything. Due to his odd mental capacity, Supernatural has to be supplied with sedatives for him. Possibly shipped with DW?

  4. Harry Potter: Gets distressed over long breaks (shares this trait with Sherlock), knows Latin, also a wizard/witch. 
  5. Percy Jackson: Demigod, probably chid of Zeus or Poseidon. Has powers over whatever their parent does. Fluent in Greek and Latin. Possibly related to HP.
  6. Avengers: Very active and athletic, avid comic book reader, will probably have superpowers.
  7. Star Wars: Doesn’t anticipate change, probably a Jedi, at constant war with Star Trek.
  8. Star Trek: Is okay with change so long as the change is good, very geeky, at constant war with Star Wars. (maybe Star Wars and Star Trek are twins or something?) I’m not sure what powers ST would have, maybe just Vulcan sciencey powers.
  9. My Little Pony: Probably will be male, due to the fandom being mostly bronies. Very bright, happy and colorful, though also very intelligent and deep thinker. Will be human, not pony, though may have magic or power of flight.
  10. Once Upon a Time: Really doesn’t like waiting, though HP and Sherlock have it worse, really good friends with Frozen. Probably will have magic.
  11. Frozen: Has Elsa magic. Very excitable and mostly happy, though can have some deep thoughts. Hates Hans forever. Friends with OUaT.
  12. Phineas and Ferb: Avid shipper and very peppy. Has Phineas-and-Ferb-super-buildy powers.
  13. Gravity Falls: Colorful and kind, step/sibling of Phineas and Ferb, possibly related to Supernatural, thus having their powers. One of the younger ones, keeps Tumblr together in a sibling-like unity.
  14. Hannibal: Appears right the heck out of nowhere. Probably not a major character (sorry guys), because he’s more of a running gag. You can spot him in normal scenes, but he’s also inserted into scenes where only select few characters are supposed to be there. He may even contribute to the conversation or plot while there, and then disappear in the next scene. Kind of like the “Waldo” or “Derpy” of the show. If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s due to the fact that the Hannibal fandom appeared seemingly out of nowhere.
  15. Elementary: Younger sibling of Sherlock. (Younger due to the show airing afterwards.) A lot more sane and calm, though also with great deductive skills. Lives at home, while trying to keep secret the fact that s/he knows where Sherlock is.
  16. Merlin: Sorcerer. Probably will be killed off around Season 5. (Sorry.)
  17. Game of Thrones: Detached from everyone due to everybody s/he cares about dying.
  18. The Hunger Games: A little detached from everyone else, very skilled archers and get involved in shipping wars a lot.
  19. Lots of other fandoms that I unfortunately forgot/am not aware of.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten, but what do you think? These characters’ roles aren’t cemented, either, they can be either major characters or minor ones, though the Superwholock team is definitely going to be the leaders. Also genders are mostly up to debate. In the comments, go ahead and add fandoms I don’t have.

though we all may have our differences, this is the one thing we have in common

Fandoms in a nutshell

Just so you’ll never actually have to watch/read anything.

  • Supernatural: Everybody dies, and more people die.
  • Doctor Who: Everybody dies, and then everybody cries.
  • Sherlock: Everybody lies, dies, denies, and cries.
  • Merlin: Everybody gets pissed off, and does a bunch of wacky shit to make it better.
  • My Little Pony: Everybody does magic and things magically get better.
  • Divergent: Everybody dies, cries, and break the readers’ hearts.
  • Harry Potter: Everybody turns to one random wizard to save the day.
  • Star Trek: Everybody yells at Scottie and Spock.
  • Percy Jackson: Everybody gets confused because the prophecy was about some random kid and not the main character who they thought it was about.
  • Adventure Time: Everybody makes weird noises and odd faces, then suddenly everything is fixed.
  • Game of Thrones: Everybody has sex, and then they all die.
  • Marvel: Loki, you little shit.

I’m in a Fandom

The organization of the upcoming war against the jbeibs fandom
  • Whovians: heavy weapons specialists
  • Merlin: spies
  • Sherlockians: political leaders
  • Spn fans: melee specialists
  • Homestucks: temporal shenanigans messer-arounders
  • Wtnv fans: idk you can send the glow cloud at them or something
  • Creepypasta fandom: intimidation
  • Tunnels fandom: strategists
  • TFioS fans: negative propaganda
  • That army of cuttlefish princesscochlea offered the support of: infantry
  • HP fandom: ultra-spies (get into his inner circle)
  • Brony fandom: get the hell away from me you're not a part of this invasion you're next after jbeibs
  • The rest of the MLP fandom: positive propaganda
  • Portlandia fandom: idk some warlike hippie ****
  • Firefly fandom: take their land
  • Spread the word
  • We are taking them down

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