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[I’m working on a new update!! I just literally, just now, figured out how to effectively line on my new laptop. Oops. In the meantime, for practice and possibly because I, myself, wanted it to by my laptop sleeve, I designed this little Twilight and Spike tile! Feel free to use it for blogs and backgrounds.

If you’d like, I also have it available on Society6 and Redbubble, natch. If you’d like the individual little designs as stickers, just say the word and I’ll tidy them up and upload them as such!

Get this design as a laptop case or skin, notebook, pencil pouch, mug, and like 20 other products on Redbubble!

Get the design as a laptop cover, duvet cover, shower curtain, and other items on Society6!


-The Management]

Just a messy doodle that has been stuck in my head for a week

Reposting without permission and editing will not be tolerated, k thanks

Pride Ponies! 
Pin Badges

Aren’t these awesome? Presenting Pride Ponies! I’ve picked seven Pride flags, and seven of the G1/1980s My Little Pony range ponies to feature on a range of different merchandise. Featuring:

Asexual - Princess Pearl (Pegasus)
Genderfluid - Princess Amethyst (Unicorn)
LGBTA Pride Rainbow - Starshine (Pegasus)
Aromantic - Magic Star (Earth)
Bisexual - Thundercloud (Mountain Boy)
Pansexual - Fireball (Mountain Boy)
Transgender - Milky Way (Unicorn)

Badges will be available on my stall at events, and via the Facebook/Tumblr/Email system. I’m still running numbers, they should be 50p each (£0.50).

Digital Artwork by Tinrobo!

Yesterday was fun.I went to Hot Topic and picked up some pony merchandise only running me a little over sixty dollars.I picked up two vinyl figures,Vinyl Scratch and the new Trixie Lullamoon.I was also able to pick up my first IDW comic,some Derpy earbuds,a Doctor Whooves messenger bag,a Twilicorn pin,a blind bag pony(turned out to be Lotus Blossom)and a Rarity plush.Above is not my local Hot Topic,I was surprised to see only three different vinyl figures being offered Twili,Trixie and Vinyl.Afterwards I shopped at other places then ate out at Bob Evans.


said: Just like MLP was a longrunning franchise and then suddenly Bronies became the face of it?

Oh boo hoo cry me an over exaggerated river.

The commercials still market to little girls. Little girls still buy the toys. Parents still buy the toys and show for their kids. Believe it or not, the average person will not think of ‘brony’ when they hear ‘My Little Pony’ and they might give you a weird look if you talked about bronies.

Because Toy Magical Ponies for little girls will ALWAYS be the face of My Little Pony

such whiny little toddlers, seriously

it’s the internet

unless this stuff is actually happening in reality land, you know, the place outside your safe little basement…?

Except it’s not.

You’re not seeing pony porn slapped in public areas. You’re not suddenly seeing plushies with sexy figures and crotch tits. You’re not seeing any official adult oriented pony merchandise beyond pony print underwear 

so sit down

shut up

and grow up.