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I’ve been cleaning all day.
Here are some poor quality photos of one of my bookcases. 
I don’t normally share anything personal like this, but I was pleased with how everything looked. 
-Please don’t steal. xoxo


[I’m working on a new update!! I just literally, just now, figured out how to effectively line on my new laptop. Oops. In the meantime, for practice and possibly because I, myself, wanted it to by my laptop sleeve, I designed this little Twilight and Spike tile! Feel free to use it for blogs and backgrounds.

If you’d like, I also have it available on Society6 and Redbubble, natch. If you’d like the individual little designs as stickers, just say the word and I’ll tidy them up and upload them as such!

Get this design as a laptop case or skin, notebook, pencil pouch, mug, and like 20 other products on Redbubble!

Get the design as a laptop cover, duvet cover, shower curtain, and other items on Society6!


-The Management]