pony maid

so; blog change!

like I mentioned in my @thebbros blog, my mlp blog was gonna get a magor makeover and here’s why:

I said I was gonna make this about the Fusion Ponies I maid, but, I didn’t see much potential in them

sure I had fun coming up with their designs and backstorie, but stories and a univers around them? I couldn’t see that happening even if I tried

so I’m just going back to my oldest rearcarnation of mlp,

if any one knows me from my oldest days on Deviantart; you’d remember these from 2013

yep, my anthro pones are back, on tumblr this time!

of course the style is not the same cause this art is old, and their feet aren’t that huge anymore; but other then that, the designs remain the same

mostly they’ll be in mini comics and 4-komas making fun of the show; untill I decide to try other things with them

(maybe I can do some more fusion ponies here and there, but this blog ain’t about them anymore)

that’s it!

Well, Atjour did say SHE wasn’t the one who was going to clean up that mess.

some fanart for the adorable @ask-maid-for-hire​ even though the artwork itself is a bit over the top compared to the themes that the blog actually deals with

(if you’d like to suggest another underappreciated pony blog then send them my way and i’ll see what kin of art I can produce!! )