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Vast Poni Canyon

This location has one of my favourite soundtracks from Pokemon Sun/Moon, it’s got so much energy and atmosphere that I had to paint something for it. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me who the dude is :P

Also @harrylee94 thanks for dropping by for a bit of the stream, sorry I wasn’t talking, but I did see you there :)

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Honeycrisp Tales: A Garden Grows, Pt. 2

“Don’t I have just the biggest an’ bestest family ever? I’m so excited for my new baby brother or sister to join us! I wonder if I’ll be a good big sister? I hope so!”


Pound: Sigh… of course it’s me. Anyway, Honey… she’s real upset after the outburst Mrs. Sunset had and she’s… just… taking some time to herself. It’s okay, she’ll be okay…

Pumpkin: … I’ve… I’ve never seen Honey cry before… it doesn’t feel right.


If Honey doesn’t make an appearance to say she’s alright - that means she’s managed to become so upset that she refuses to worry anyone by even trying to show up. Poor dear…


I’ve talked about this somewhere else before but can’t help bringing it up again.

So…I’m Chinese but I didn’t know any local musical theater fan community until I started uploading musical related stuff to a Chinese website recently. And the most precious thing in Chinese musical theater fandom turns out to be the really hilarious nicknames they give to actors and characters. Crack me up every time without fail. Here’s a list of everything I’ve seen so far. Will add more when I find new ones.

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Pony par Ma✰D (parker) - Dolls, Customisation & The Cat

Honey: Um, I don’t do much that Mommy an’ Daddy don’t know about but sometimes… this sorta stuff just finds me… Heh… hey Daddy… look at all the adorable puppies!

Big Mac: Pound? Pumpkin? What’re y'all doing here? Where’s Mabel? Where’d y’all get these dogs from?!”

Pumpkin: Pound and I went to the park with Mom and Dad, we found all these dogs sitting around and I remembered that Honey wanted a dog like we have Sprinkles! So we took some of the treats we had with us and brought them over for Honey to pick one for herself! 

Pound: S-sorry Mr. Apple, Pumpkin thought it was a good idea…

Pumpkin: I think Mabel’s playing with some of the other dogs!

Honey: Can we keep one? Please?


Guest Artist: @pasu-chan


Bonus: (Aw, poor Mabel, she’s a tiny dog magnet)