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Thinking about the 'teaching Rarity to play fetch with Winona' idea put a funny scene into my head- Applejack is giving Rarity pointers on the perfect throw, and Rares goes "You know, I *have* thrown before, darling." Applejack says "Alright, sugarcube," and steps back. Rarity winds up for a hard overhand throw... and whips it too hard. The stick hits the ground right in front of Winona, who gives Rarity a confused head tilt, while Applejack tries hiding her giggles and snorts under her hat

took some liberties here hope you dont mind


Back before I joined Ponies With Pockets, I had started working on a kind of animatic of the song ‘Knights of Time and Space’. I was starting off really well, pretty proud of my work, but then when I actually JOINED I guess I forgot about it and was just a little busy with other things. I still like the art I did do, especially the shot of the inside of the Tardis, though this isn’t all of it.

 (god the Tardis door doesn’t open outwards like that imatwit).

If I were to take another go at it in the faaarrr future I would probably do a PROPER animatic with black and white sketches and a lot more frames then what I had originally been doing.

Heya! Long time no see!
That’s so nice of you thinking about me ;;
Sorry for the long absence, when I returned home that week, there wasn’t internet connection anymore at home ;A;
Plus I found myself very busy with school and preparattions for cosplays to bring to Lucca Comics & Games 2015

-swapalette is fun-
But now that everything is alright with internet bills, I hope it’ll be okay! For the time being.
With school going on I can just work on Monday, Wednesday and maybe Friday after 5 pm. Hoping that it will coincide with other time zones and all ;;

That being said, I have to return to study, sadly  (つω`*)
Bye bye!

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