pony horoscopes

The Signs as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Characters

Aries: Pinkie Pie

Taurus: Princess Cadence

Gemini: Prince Shining Armor

Cancer: Princess Luna

Leo: Spike

Virgo: Fluttershy

Libra: Princess Twilight Sparkle 

Scorpio: Rainbow Dash 

Sagittarius: Princess Celestia 

Capricorn: Derpy Hooves

Aquarius: Apple Jack 

Pisces: Rarity

the signs as horses and ponies

aries: kathiawari and falabella

taurus: paint horse and tinker

gemini: mustang and exmoor pony

cancer: friesian and yakut pony

leo: haflinger and shetland pony

virgo: lipizzaner and new forest pony

libra: arabian purebred and dale pony

scorpio: hackney and connemara pony

sagittarius: knabstrupper and gotland russ

capricorn: norwegian fjord horse and miniature horse

aquaris: icelandic horse and camargue horse

pisces: clydesdale and dartmoor pony

Signs as (Female) My Little Pony Characters

Aries: Rainbow Dash

Taurus: Apple Bloom

Gemini: Rarity

Cancer: Twilight Sparkle 

Leo: Pinkie Pie 

Virgo: Scootaloo 

Libra: Applejack

Scorpio: Sweetie Belle 

Sagittarius: Fluttershy 

Capricorn: Granny Smith 

Aquarius: Cheerilee

Pisces: Derpy Hooves 

Types of Ponies

Unicorn: ~Dreamy, Delicate, Mysterious~
Pisces, Scorpio, Libra

Pegasus: ~Cunning, Graceful, Independent~
Gemini, Aquarius, Taurus

Earth Pony: ~Diligent, Serene, Clever~
Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo

Alicorn: ~Vigorous, Regal, Confident~
Sagittarius, Aries, Leo

The Signs at a Zodiac same-sign meeting
  • Aries: Okay so which bank do we rob first
  • Taurus: Spend the meeting talking about how the actual world is shit and how it could be improved under their authority
  • Cancer: Doesn't even looks like a Zodiac meeting but more like a group therapy bc everyone's crying
  • Leo: End up fighting to know who is the actual BESTEST OF BESTS
  • Virgo: Awkward silence because they all brought tea so there's definitely too much tea and no cookies
  • Libra: Conversation looks really witty but in fact none of them know shit about what they're saying
  • Scorpio: Orgy
  • Sagittarius: TURN UP IN THE CLUB WHOOOOOO *glitch hop blasting*
  • Capricorn: Role-playing till dawn
  • Aquarius: Watch an UFO documentary and become paranoid, refuse to leave meeting room for the next 20 hours
  • Pisces: My Little Pony marathon