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Cherubs Casanova

Ser Superman x Cherubs Dolly Madison

Welsh Pony Section A, Stallion


Born 2010

The Outsiders Preference: Your First Date...

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Your first date was unsurprisingly at the drive in. Pony had walked to your house and walked you there, you’d eaten a ridiculous amount of popcorn and made jokers through out the whole movie. When it came to going home Pony walked you to your door and was too nervous to give you a kiss so you did it yourself.


Darry worked a lot, and finding time for your first date was hard, but you two managed it. You didn’t mind that it was just dinner at his house, you admired that he worked hard and that he looked after his brothers. Dinner was lovely and despite the odd interruption you felt at ease and definitely wanted a second date.


He took you walking and then into the Diary Queen for ice-cream and milkshake. Despite all the girls staring at him and giggling, he only had eyes for you the whole time. He made you laugh, put you at ease and made you feel comfortable..


You weren’t sure what you expected from Keith, but you were’t entirely surprised when you ended up with a bottle of beer in your hand down the bar. Despite the rather crummy setting, it was a good date. He made you laugh to the point of tears and made you smile more than anyone. 

Homecoming 1945 ||Miles & Mairead||

The war was over. 

Mairead wasn’t sure what about this news made her more happy- that it meant the end to fighting, or it meant that her boys were coming home. 

Her boys- Michael and Miles- had gone off as soon as the United States became involved with the war, and she missed them horribly. It was not without some reluctance on her part that they had left, but they had left all the same. She was beyond glad, then, when she received news of the war’s end, and news that her husband and her son would be returning to what had become her home and hers alone the last few years. 

She was so excited that she took the pony and trap (dear Lord, did no one drive a pony and trap these days?) to meet them at the train station in their sleepy New Hampshire town of Treegap. She’d done her hair especially for Miles, worn the hat he bought her all those years ago, and did her best to look perfect for him. 

When she saw his familiar form on the platform of the station, she ran to greet him, hardly noticing that her son was nowhere to be seen. “You’re back,” she said, wrapping her arms around him, glad to feel him against her after all the time he’d been away. “Dear God, you’re back.”


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Dutch Harness Horse x Welsh, Gelding


Born 2012

KNHS Bixiedag 2015

Bixie competitions are shows organised for very young and beginning children with their ponies. Every year, Dutch equestrian federation KNHS and equestrian store Divoza Horseworld organise an event where kids can compete in dressage, show jumping and driving shows as well as participate in many games and activities with their ponies. This results in the cutest shots ever!