pony drawings

anonymous asked:

i love the gay sonic stuff! but, will you draw any ponies? or anything else? just wondering, i suggest.. maybe drawing... A feral sonic? or feral lance? even if its just a little sketch, i would love to see it! <3

i will post different things here and there! ! i was thinking of maybe making a separate blog for lance maybe ! :^0

A quick Trixie and Starlight to celebrate season 7!


I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of the first two episodes. They were both very lackluster. But, I did love the dynamic between Trixie and Starlight; if both of them are given more character development, they could honestly become my new favourite characters!

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn ponies… I’d better start practicing, if I’m going to animate that Ink Potts animatic in June!