pony derby

This is a subject for all People involved in showing horses. Now that USEF has results posted very quickly it can be very interesting to know where You stand when You are qualifying for the Indoor Shows and Devon.

I was very interested in how often People show their Horses and Ponies. I like to show Our show horses and ponies for two weeks and then a week or two off. When I am in Wellington or on the road in the summer depending on the particular horse or Pony i will occasionally show for 3 weeks but then they definitely have a week and usually two off.

In My contracts when I lease a horse or pony I have a clause that the animals can only show 25 shows for the entire year including the finals shows.

As I was studying some of the horses and ponies I was quite amazed at how many shows some People do.

One case comes to mind. I saw where a Pony had already shown in 12 competitions already this show season. I counted the weekends from the beginning of Dec. I was shocked that We have had 14 weekends of this show season. Christmas and New Years was including in the 14 weeks.

That means that the pony had shown in 12 competitions out of 14 weeks. I also noticed it has shown at all 8 WEF shows and 2 Pony Derbies at the Ridge. That means 10 competitions in 8 straight weeks.

What is wrong with People ?

Who does such a thing ?

Do We need rules to prevent this ?

Should USEF reprimand People that show their Horse or Ponies this much ?

What ever happened to the Love of Our Equine Friends ?

What ever happened to HORSEMANSHIP ?

For all the years I have done this I still Love the Animals. I see that in so many cases they have just become disposable tools.

I would really Love to know how others feel about this. I stumbled on this and was so shocked that I really started thinking about who is the VOICE for the Horses and Ponies that are being over shown

Please voice Your opinion. I will be tagging some of Our USEF and USHJA officials and members so We can have a good conversation regarding this subject……

—  William Schaub - Facebook