pony club rally


it’s funny - I actually had a post written up much like this one before we left for nationals that I didn’t end up posting, saying how extremely proud I was to be able to work with such an amazing pony that has far exceeded all expectations and so on, but here I am writing it up again because she’s done far more than that since then:

this is pretty overdue, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to say that this horse has really proved to a lot of people that every horse has potential, no matter their past how they appear. this pony started off as a nervy, skittish little rescue that would bolt at the drop of a pin when I first started working with her. in fact, our main goal was pretty much to be able to get her out to a pony club rally once a month. fast forward 3 years - she’s placed 3rd and 5th overall at state championships for dressage, putting us on a state team. I can’t even describe how I felt finding out we were going to nationals - I mean, just going to states felt like a big enough achievement in itself. this pony has stopped at nothing to please me, and it’s absolutely blown me away that we’ve been able to be up in the placings when we’ve often been the only pony in open classes. 

when we left for nationals, it was more than enough that we were actually going in the first place - I mean, my coach and I basically said we’d be in disbelief if we managed a middle of the range placing in the class. this pony tried her absolute heart out for me, taking a 2 day float trip right in her stride (longest she’d done was 3 hours!) and still being a gem under saddle afterwards. I’m still in disbelief that the giveaway, 13.3 rescue qh/arab placed 5th in the country in a huge class (beating horses worth over 40k - think that’s worth putting in 😉). she has a heart of gold, and I couldn’t be prouder to have had such an amazing partner in crime.

I love you with my whole heart, kiddo ❤