pony bille


More discocipher but in a different style for you! I wanted to give lineless/cutout a shot!

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  • *deleted scene*
  • Bill: so now that I've agreed to get all this stuff for Missy, you're going to help me, right?
  • 12: not my problem, kid.
  • Bill, realizing she's now stuck getting a particle accelerator 3D printer and a pony: fuuuuuuuuuuuuh-
  • *cut scene to Bill, breaking into a petting zoo with a satchel filled with carrots and sugar cubes, and trying fruitlessly to lure one of the ponies away from its pile of hay. The pony gives no fucks.*
  • ~~later that day~~
  • *12, catching up on his grading after having been gone 6 months, hears a kerfuffle outside. Curious, he glances out the window to see Bill struggling to pull a very stubborn pony in the direction of the vault. The pony continues to give no fucks.*
  • *la fin*

the first time i watched the angry birds movie trailer I thought it was a going to be a bad movie but now…all left in my sinner soul is just a deep obsession with the cutest bird in this movie…oh and the movie was great

Tower of Antagonists

2 of these are defeated
2 of these are left behind
2 of these still in play

2 of these became good
2 of these just wanted their own passion goals
2 of these want to just rule them all.

also also
2 are from games
2 are practically gods
2 of them see you as a mere filthy human

3 are Disney, other 3 not.

3 are “Phylum Arthropoda” like. (googled the name) Other 3 are a mish of random things (an animal mixer, a flower and a dollar sign creature)

All of them love every opportuntity they get to brag or flaunt their skills and stuff.