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It’s July’s adopt sale! Come get ‘em while they’re fresh!

Amezake Sumomo, Amai for short, is a part-time Rakugo performer and part-time reenactment performer from Neighpon.

Melon Drop is the owner of “Dropsy Pops”, a lollipop and soda store in Manehattan.

Robin’s Flight is the main singer/songwriter in an Andie Rock band who works in a yarn shop part-time.

Send me a note if you want to buy one of them! Love!

I was thinking that maybe I could do kind of unoutlined style with Copic markers and here is the result

I feel like I have 4 leafed clovers sprouting under my bed, because I’ve been experimenting with new stuff, and every time I finish wanting to do more, and not having to fight a battle against frustration until I finally get something I like

Not arting for a while might have had a good effect, maybe I needed a break and wasn’t just being lazy? Probably it’s more of a combination of the two
Anyway, cant wait to wake up tomorrow and try something like this again, Copic markers, e ready!


Some of that goofing off I was doing to shake off the rust of not drawing very much lately~
I’ve been playing a lot of Rimworld when I’m not faffing about with D&D stuff. I thought it would be fun to mimic the style of the game sprites, which the game calls “pawns”. So I also took it as an opportunity to do a little fanart to test said pawns! I’m likely going to do more; I just want to share what I currently have! c:

Horses borrowed: 
@a-realm-in-shadows‘s Percival
@askstarfrost‘s Starfrost
@askclarysage‘s Clary Sage


A few more for tonight since they got done~ xD A set of cuties that I finally get around to making a little fanart for!

I honestly spend more time scrolling through the layers than customizing anything on these pawns, that’s the funny thing. xD
Two o’ya I’m taggin’ your modblogs, too. c;

Horses borrowed:
@pandora-the-huntress‘s Pandora
@askcloverbanshee‘s Héléna ( @conflitdecanard)
@asksandyshores‘s Sandy ( @theamishpirate)

Oh my God, FINALLY. We have been waiting an eternity for a proper princess (especially Celestia) episode. But we get Starlight kicking it off. Hurray~?

And sorry that Celestia’s more pinkish here! My screen on my art tablet sometimes distorts the colors, but this cover took forever and I’m not willing to go back into it just to correct that. :‘3


In a shocking turn of events, the Cutie Map beckons Starlight to solve a friendship problem over in the royal Canterlot Palace. While there, she realizes that the conflict is between none other than the two ruling figures, Celestia and Luna! She soon surmises that neither princess truly recognizes nor appreciates the different roles they play. When the royal sisters begin to heatedly argue, Starlight impulsively chooses to swap their cutie marks! And the princesses are not happy with this development in the slightest.

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Fanart for @artistsage of their OC! They’re on instagram (artistsage is their insta name, I’m just posting it here too since I really like how it turned out!!)

REALLY PROUD OF THIS (okay not THAT much, but I did find a new great outlining brush in the process and I’m finally happy and proud of how I did the shading! And I figured out how to do hair reflection?? Kind of??)

22 followers Raffle!

Before anyone says anything, 22 followers is a lot for a small blog like mine! So let’s do a raffle! 

1st place! (1 winner) A full body picture with any position example of a full body:

2nd place (2 winners): A head shot of your ocs in any position and expression. A Example:

3rd place: (3 winners): a simple Picture of your Oc with Faith and Doctor Love. Example:

You must follow this blog @ask-your-fate or else you wont count. Trust me i’ll know XD.
No Nsfw
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Likes and reblog so count
Multi reblog does count.
Must have a ref sheet of Oc.
 I am going to 6 pieces of art so please wait.

Raffle ends in 9/23/18