Doing some drawing and coloring. For the second drawing I attempted to paint it without inking. I don’t think it came out very well, although it is probably because I have no idea how to draw cats. Third and fourth drawings are colored versions of two of my old sketches.

Also, I made a non-pone tumblr here: http://awsdedraws.tumblr.com

There is nothing on it yet but there will be. Follow it if you somehow want to see me draw hands a hundred times.


Fluttershy in bridal lingerie. I got a little carried away and it is slightly NSFW.

Anyway, I tried out doing the flats and tones separately on their own this time. I once tried doing the flats on a “Color” layer over the tones but it didn’t turn out very well. This time I use the simpler way of just doing the tones on a “Multiply” layer. It did require quite a bit of color adjustment before it is presentable though. Doing the flats and tones separately did allow me to focus on the tones easier without being distracted by the colors.

Rarity in a suit. Messing around with line weights, but it is still difficult to do so freely. At least sketching is a lot easier now.

I should go draw some stuff on my other tumblr.

Edit: Fixed proportions a little, as usual.

Edit2: Fixed proportions some more. Now her head is smaller.

Edit3: Added a Sharpen filter to reduce blur on the lines caused by Liquify abuse.