Tranformation potion auction #1: Rejuvenation.

“Of course the witch was strange. But she promised it would make her feel like a kid again. After all, more energy before a long flight couldn’t hurt. And it did looked delicious…

Let’s simply hope she realises the effects were not figuratively only before that long flight.”

First result of the mystery transformation potion auction for Wheatervane.

anonymous asked:

Is Equestria flat? If so, what is at the world’s end?

Equestria is a country, not a world. But the world is not flat. It’s considered a sphere, though perhaps it’s technically not one as then we would not have valleys or mountains, but on a macroscopic level it’s spherical.

I’m not sure what they teach in other places but instilling a rudimentary understanding of the world you live in seems like something that should be a priority.


Pink Snack [Full Animation]

@harekavi , my longtime partner in animation, is posting his SFM project, which will premiere in 9 hours. See you there!


JJBA Ponification

Hey, hah, it’s JJBA characters’ ponification, hope you like it))
All characters are nice, i like them so much!!! (i’m watching season 4 now)
I hope i’ll draw other soon)
Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli here~

12/15/2018- Pony acquisition post #524! G4.5 Sparkling and Spinning Skirt Pinkie Pie and Rarity Brushables!

Year Released: 2018

One of my dad’s clients gave me a late birthday gift which had these two cute ponies in it! These brushables are actually pretty cute- they have a button with their cutie mark on it that makes their skirts spin! I especially like Pinkie Pie’s skirt since it has loose glitter in it that whirls around with her skirt. 

The bodies on these ladies have to be elongated to fit the skirt gimmick, so they do look sort of funny (like pony dachshunds or something) compared to normal brushables…but I get how they had to change this.

I also love the cute hair clips and especially the dark purple tiara that Rarity came with, it looks great on Luna!

Original Condition: MIB!

Flaws: none

Restoration materials: none

Current Condition:Mint!