Healer Yamaguchi

Inspired by @maychorian‘s dream.

When Yamaguchi uses his healing powers it emits a soft glow that only Yams can see. He started wearing a poncho to try to limit the amount of accidental heals so he can save his power. Though of course he will still help someone who needs his magic.



Some fanart for the Team Four Star playthrough of Xenoverse 2. The Ever-lovely Puddin! As Kirran, Grant and Lani talked over both times, Whis, at two points, makes moves to try to recruit Puddin to replace Beerus if he ever kicked the bucket. Honestly I can’t think of a better way to increase the TFS Xenoverse deity roster than Puddin: God of Destruction. For her’s is not the face of mercy.  


It’s  no longer Thrusday where I live, but here’s a little throwback anyway to 2012 when I cosplayed Tiki! (Maybe Flashback Friday then?)

This costume LOOKS like it should be super comfy, but it’s actually a pain in the butt to wear because of all the various pieces and the really long wig. The wig was also SUPER heavy to wear so it was hard to be in the costume for long periods of time since it wouldn’t stay on my head without sliding. I really only wore it twice and then retired it as pieces broke and I’ve made other FE costumes since then. 

I was super proud of it at the time though because it was really my first adventure in dyeing silk and doing a 2 color gradient. Also figuring out how to do the “stained glass” designs was a lot of fun and actually helped me in the future for how I ended up doing the designs on Ninian. It was also my first time making my own pontytail style wig, and despite the problems, it worked out alright. It at least looked good enough in the shots so I can’t complain

And, I’m a little sentimental about this costume since it was my first FE costume :3 I’d love to make Awakening Tiki at somepoint too, but there will always be a special place in my heart for baby Tiki. 

Photos by

First- Elysia Griffin

Second through last- EBK