Reoccurring Hauntings: December 25th 

T’was the Sunday before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring….. except maybe a few ghosts. Here is a list of several reoccurring hauntings that happen every Christmas!

DISCLAIMER: This list is taken from ParanormalDatabase.com, a research site dedicated to recording paranormal and cryptozoological experiences in places such as England and Wales.  Their website is www.paranormaldatabase.com

  • Exeter (Devon)- Prospect Inn: Each Christmas the spirit of a young girl appears in the top part of the building.  Those who have seen her said that she smiles sweetly at them before fading away.
  • Pontrhydfendigaid (Dyfed)- Strata Florida: The former site of an abbey, a spirit of a man returns to his old home each year to try and rebuild the altar.  During other times of the year people have reported several candles and hearing music from the ruins.
  • SW1 (Greater London)- Buckingham Palace: Every Christmas a monk appears bound in chains.  The sound of a gunshot can also occasionally be heard. This is thought to be the sound of King Edward VII’s private secretary’s suicide.
  • SW1 (Greater London)- Cadogan Hotel, Sloane Street: Each year the spirit of Lillie, the mistress of the Prince of Wales (AKA Edward VII), comes out to visit when the hotel is nearly empty.
  • WC2 (Greater London)- Courtts Bank: Once each year toy sellers and buyers state that they hear the ghostly sounds of joyous children.  
  • Boughton Green (Northamptonshire)- St John the Baptist Church Ruins: Moans from a hung criminal can be heard here each year.  Other legends state that this ghost takes the form of a beautiful man or woman (depending on the witnesses gender) and asks them for a kiss. If a kiss is given, the person is doomed to die within a month.
  • Clayton le Morrs (Lancashire)- Dunkenhalgh Hall and nearby bridge: Each Christmas the ghost of former maid, Lucette, can be seen as a misty white figure.  Pregnant, she had fallen to her death after her master had said he was not interested in her long term future.
  • Oldham (Lancashire)- Temperance Hall, next to the Colosseum Theatre: A grey figure can be seen standing in the doorways around Christmas time.  It is believed to be the ghost of a suicide.
  • Sandringham (Norfolk)- Country House: A ghostly presence becomes particularly active during Christmas.  The spirit will move Christmas cards, and turn lights on and off.  People can also hear its footsteps echoing down the empty corridors, and the sounds of heavy breathing in a room on the second floor. This spirit is thought to be that of a nun who had seduced a monk.  Those who have seen her spirit say she has hollow eye sockets.  Others say it is a young lamplighter who had died while making his rounds.
  • Southwell  (Nottinghamshire)- Road between Southwell and Oxton: Beneath a valley between these two locations is the town of Raleigh, which was eaten up by an earthquake. Legends state that church bells can still be heard on Christmas Day.
  • Wonersh (Surrey)- Grantley Arms Public House: Each year a figure appears.  However, recent reports have said that he now keeps his head down.  This is thought to be the result of being exorcised by a Roman Catholic Barmaid.
  • Outer London: Havering (Greater London)- St. Mary’s Lane, Cranham: A phantom monk can be seen floating silently across the road.
  • Llandyfrydog (Gwynedd)- Just outside of the village- Carreg Lleidr: Legend states that an oddly shaped stone here was a thief who stole a bible. While carrying the bible over his shoulder, he was turned to rock.  Now, each Christmas the stone runs three times around the field in which it stands.
  • Dalarossie, Inverness (Highland)- land near a local church: The spirits of men who made the mistake of playing sports when Christmas day fell on a Sabbath return each year for a quick game.