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My Magnum Opus

My baby has been pushed out of the nest to face the cruel, harsh world.

I submitted the paper that will be my Master’s thesis to my seminar professor for grading. I’ll start writing the thesis when I get his comments. I got teary-eyed when I pressed “Send." Because I love this paper so much. I have never poured as much of my heart into a project as this project. I spent three solid months poring over the material, hunting down rare books, and finding the best possible images. When I had to work on other projects, all I wanted to do was work on this.  I spent 3 hours tonight making a PowerPoint and then converting it to PDF so that my professor could see the images the way I wanted them shown. We’re supposed to append them to the end of the document, but Word would have limited the visual experience and the aesthetic I wanted to display. Because… I love, love, love this paper.

I have been struggling and completely stuck with my thesis for over a month, wrestling with how to write about the city and more so with what exactly I was trying to even do…

And tonight as I was brushing my teeth, I had an epiphany.

Thankful for what I hope is the end of my writer’s block so I can finish and perfect my paper to the caliber it deserves.

tierradentro replied to your postFriends, I have wonderful news! Today I found out I was chosen to present a paper at the Renaissance Society of America’s annual conference next year in NYC!

YAY! Congratulations!! I want to see it! (Well, at least the tape…)

pubertad replied to your post:

congrats!!!!! good for you!

yourwordsplease replied to your post:

Congrats! We shall welcome you with open Museums and art on two feet.

justafraction replied to your post

That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

kondorkanky replied to your post

Congratulations! I’m glad for you! Kondorkanky

apex-nadir replied to your post

you’ve earned it! :)

nyxieslongwinter replied to your posttierradentro replied to your post: Friends, I have…

Hooray! That’s wonderful news!

Wow! Thank you all so much!! I’ll certainly have an abstract up and probably even write a brief version of the paper for my site. I’m thinking about following in the amazing Cave to Canvas’ footsteps and organizing a museum get together, as well! I’ll keep you all posted as the date nears.

Edit: You guys are the best!! <3