pont des arts locks

If ya think Enjolras and Grantaire haven’t added their own love lock to the Pont des Arts, you’re mistaken my friend.

And then Enjolras didn’t sleep at night because: “Grantaire what have we done? That bridge is already saturated with padlocks and they say it affects the stability of the brige! Oh my god we’ve destroyed a landmark, Grantaire! It’s oUR FAULT!”

(And then the city removed all the love locks. Enjolras could finally sleep soudly again)

What went down in Dislocoeur
  • Ms. Bustier: in many fairy tales the prince breaks the spell by kissing the princess, can anyone tell me why?
  • Ms. Bustier: that's not really an answer
  • Max: technically this only applies to 87% of fairy tales
  • Ms. Bustier: there's no way that number is correct
  • Ms. Bustier: maybe like 7% or 8% at most
  • Ms. Bustier: yes Rose we got that
  • Ms. Bustier: who are you even talking to
  • Ms. Bustier: are you saying that in the imperative
  • Rose: pls do the smoochy thing :( #ladynoir
  • Adrien: well I just wrote this poem time to toss it in the garbage with the rest of the fandom
  • Marinette: hmm I wonder what that hot guy threw in the trash
  • Marinette: ooh it's a poem!
  • Marinette: "roses are red, violets are violet, poetry is f**king hard, do the smoochy thing pls"
  • Chloé: hmm why is Marinette looking through the garbage
  • Sabrina: did you know there's an entire fandom in there?
  • Chloé: wow she must be really desperate
  • Max: kk Kim it's time for you to run along this route and meet your crush on a bridge
  • Kim: why is her route so convoluted
  • Max: idk but if you meet her on that particular bridge and give her this particular jewel you've got a 87% chance of success
  • Kim: there's no way that number is correct
  • Kim: maybe like 7% or 8% at most
  • Marinette: I say go for it!
  • Kim: kk, running now
  • Marinette: now imma write a poem to Adrien
  • Chloé: and imma break the hearts of a buncha tweens
  • Chloé: hey tweens! you see how fabulous I am? well I'm never gonna date you
  • Chloé: do you see what you're missing out on
  • Chloé: well that was fun anyway I hope one of you gets akumatized now
  • Chloé: b**ch I'm out
  • Kim: *goes to bridge*
  • Kim: this is the Pont des Arts, right?
  • Kim: so where did all the locks go
  • Kim: it's just panes of plexiglass
  • Kim: this is way less romantic now
  • Chloé: hey Kim
  • Kim: hey Chloé lemme smash
  • Chloé: are you for real
  • Kim: I got you blue AND yellow
  • Chloé: you're as pathetic as that meme
  • Kim: she doesn't want blue and yellow
  • Chloé: look I've got a buncha tweens clamoring after me now
  • Chloé: so you're like fourth in line at best
  • Chloé: BYE
  • Kim: what has my life come to
  • Hawkmoth: wow this is even more sad than usual
  • Hawkmoth: like, I actually feel really sorry for you
  • Hawkmoth: so here have an incredibly cool transformation
  • Dislocoeur: now we're talkin
  • Dislocoeur: I've got a bow and arrows!
  • Dislocoeur: pew pew pew!
  • Marinette: and now it's POETRY TIME
  • Alya: whaddaya got
  • Marinette: "roses are nerds, poems are easy, lemme smash pls bc I think you're hot"
  • Alya: wot
  • Marinette: wow romance really isn't all that great when you're honest about it
  • Alya: wow and here I didn't think you'd ever have enough experience with romance to figure that out
  • Marinette: ooh sweet burn
  • Marinette: btw that flying guy just shot you with an arrow
  • Alya: yeah that's where the sweet burn came from
  • Alya: and now I'm suddenly tempted to go confront Nino in a rap battle
  • Marinette: YES DO IT
  • Marinette: ok Tikki let's kick that flying guy's butt
  • Dislocoeur: hey it's Ladybug!
  • Marinette: no not yet
  • Dislocoeur: oops sorry
  • Marinette: Tikki, spots on!
  • Dislocoeur: there we go!
  • Ladybug: welp running away now
  • Dislocoeur: pew pew pew!
  • Chat Noir: hey Ladybug I've got a confession to make
  • Ladybug: look I already know you love me ok?
  • Ladybug: please don't endanger us by confessing what's already incredibly obvious when there's a supervillain trying to shoot us
  • Dislocoeur: *shoots Chat Noir*
  • Ladybug: that one's on him
  • Dislocoeur: yeah kinda
  • Chat Noir: now imma kill you
  • Ladybug: why
  • Chat Noir: because hate always wins
  • Ladybug: citation needed
  • Chat Noir: citation: the US election
  • Ladybug: ok fair point
  • Chat Noir: you just accepted anecdotal evidence as proof of a general claim
  • Ladybug: oops you're right
  • Chat Noir: now prepare to die
  • Dislocoeur: *tracks down Chloé*
  • Chloé: wow and here I thought you couldn't get any more ridiculous
  • Dislocoeur: imma shoot you now
  • Chloé: and give me the ability to make even sweeter burns than usual?
  • Dislocoeur: wait nvm that's a terrible idea
  • Chloé: wow even as a villain you can't succeed in anything
  • Dislocoeur: hey Hawkmoth can you Tier 2 akumatize me?
  • Hawkmoth: sorry buddy you're on your own
  • Ladybug: I gotta figure out how to dehateify Chat Noir!
  • Brain ghost Ms. Bustier: the prince breaks the spell by kissing the princess
  • Brain ghost Rose: DO THE SMOOCHY THING
  • Ladybug: disclaimer—the following kiss is intended solely as a means of counteracting Dislocoeur's akuma-granted ability, and should not be interpreted in any romantic or otherwise non-platonic context
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir: *do the smoochy thing*
  • Chat Noir: I don't remember any of that
  • Ladybug: good now end that f**ker
  • Chat Noir: *ends that f**ker*
  • Ladybug: well I guess we're done here

uhm-jag  asked:

Soukoku for the wedding ship thing (bc I am trash)

It’s ok we’re all Soukoku trash here xD Thanks for the ask!!

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you about their wedding!

Who proposed:

It was Dazai, but Chuuya didn’t accept for a really long time.

How they proposed:

The first time Dazai proposed, Chuuya just looked at the ring, scoffed, and said, “No.”

A month later Dazai tried again and Chuuya said, “Ask me again tomorrow.”

After six months of asking every single day, only to be rejected every time, Chuuya finally caved in, recognising that Dazai was serious, and said yes.

At one point, Atsushi gently asked Dazai whether he should consider giving up because it seemed as though Chuuya really did not want to marry him. Smiling, Dazai shook his head.

“I’m still going to ask tomorrow. I always do. He won’t say yes because he wants to keep hearing me say it. From the first time that he told me to ask him again the next day, he’d already said yes.”

Who stressed more over wedding planning:

They both stressed over it, but Chuuya moreso because he wanted everything to be perfect for both of them. Dazai just wanted it to be perfect for Chuuya, even if he didn’t show it.

Who had the wildest bachelor party:

Chuuya’s, but that was because Dazai ditched his own party halfway though and attended Chuuya’s, intending to hang out with the rest of the Mafia for once. Things got a little hectic. Kunikida and Atsushi had to come haul Dazai’s drunk ass out of there.

Who freaked out before the wedding:


He lost the ring.

Best man:

Chuuya’s best man was Akutagawa, while Dazai chose his current partner Kunikida over his apprentice Atsushi. Later Dazai would tell Chuuya in secret that before his death, he would have wanted Odasaku to be his best man.

Where they got married:

They had their wedding in a church in Yokohama, one that was under the jurisdiction of the Port Mafia. 

What they wrote in their vows:

Dazai to Chuuya: “I promise to be your partner in battle, your ally in conflict, your sword and shield in peril, your solace in sickness and solitude, and your companion in life, from this day till the end of my days.”

Chuuya to Dazai: “From this day and beyond, I give you my heart that I may be worthy of you. From this day and beyond, I give you my promise that I will cherish and honor you. From this day and beyond, I give you all that I have, that my faith and devotion may keep me by your side.”

Who cried at the wedding:

Dazai cried, because for once in his life he has reached a happiness that he never thought he would find. He finally found a reason to live.

Chuuya didn’t cry, but Kouyou did, seeing her boy all grown up.

None of them would know it, but Odasaku was there too, and he definitely got a bit teary.

What song did they have their first dance to:

Me and You by Kenny Chesney. Afterward the playlist consisted of songs that were chosen to wring each other’s hearts, e.g. Chuuya putting one of the soundtracks played at Bar Lupin, Scarlet Sky, and Dazai including the classic masterpiece Love’s Sorrow piano and violin duet by Fritz Kreisler.

(From my HC that Chuuya plays violin and Dazai plays piano)

Where did they go on their honeymoon:

Where else but Paris, France?

What did they do on their honeymoon:

Dazai still doesn’t have much appreciation for wine (or hats), but a highlight of their honeymoon was visiting the Pont des Arts bridge with Chuuya, securing a lock on the railing there and tossing the key into the river.

As for what else they did… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Soulmate AU// Ninette

Hey, Guys! I’m writing this fanfic for @sweenyalice as a Christmas present, sorry I was a bit unsure what to write for this but I hope you enjoy! This soulmate AU is where whatever your soulmate writes on their hand also appears on your hand. This is my first Nino x Marinette fic so please forgive me if I don’t get their dynamic as a couple perfect.

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Locked Away

“Can i request a Lin x reader where the reader and Lin are in Paris and there’s this one bridge Called ponte de arts where people come with locks and they wish and then they lock it to the bridge and then they throw their key into the water please THANKS YOU IS AWESOME”

hey to anon YOU IS AWESOME TOO ILY!! hey howdy what’s uP buddy friend pals :) I never know what to say here haha. Also I used the name Rebecca in this fic so if your name is Rebecca SOWWY

Send me a prompt + person from this post!
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Warnings: Mentions of death, Mentions of suicide, Mentions of drug use
Word Count: 4,242
Pairings: Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader

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There Must Also Be a Lock

It’s @castihalo‘s birthday! MY DEAREST ORANGE IS 20! and here, as per her request, we have 5k of fluff and misunderstandings inspired by the love locks on the Pont des Arts in Paris. Happy birthday, Citra, you beautiful person.

read it here on AO3!

The curve of metal sat heavy in Cas’ pocket, warm from the constant touch of his fingers.

He gripped it tight as he walked down the bleach-flavoured corridor, past rows of lockers, heading down towards the music department. All around him, there was a buzz of movement: hushed conversations, stifled laughs, rumours spreading through the students like breezes through a wheatfield.

Did you hear who he asked… but I thought he was going with… no way, she never said no… but I thought he had a crush on… she’s way out of his league, though…

Cas sighed. Prom season. Never his favourite time of year.

He walked onwards, passing a poster advertising the theme of this year’s attempt at revelry: Belle Paris, announced twirling lavender letters. Without a doubt the team behind the party would have spared no opportunity to be cliché, Castiel thought with a kind of dry fondness. Baguettes, Eiffel Towers, moustaches, stripy tops and berets; he should make some kind of French stereotype bingo card and check them off on the night. And perhaps the worst part of the whole thing was how the seniors were expected to ask out their dates.

“Padlocks!” Balthazar had announced, rattling a box full of them under the noses of the front row of the class the morning before. “Anyone ever heard of the Pont des Arts? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I thought not. I am surrounded by philistines.”

“Balthazar, you had to google it two days ago,” Cassie had heckled from the back, and the rest of the class had laughed. Balthazar had sneered teasingly back at Cassie, and left the box of padlocks on the teacher’s desk at the front of the room.

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As you can imagine my first visit to Paris was jam-packed with things to do and see. The Louvre, Opera Garnier House (Palais Garnier), Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Cœur, Notre-Dame, Moulin Rouge, Versailles…I simply couldn’t stand not to see it all. Standing in front of the Mona Lisa was quite the experience. Needless to say, she won the staring contest. One visit to the Eiffel Tower wasn’t enough, this beauty had to be experienced in the daytime and the nighttime, and it had to be climbed all the way to the top. Palace of Versailles was incredible; more than words can describe. To think people actually lived there, and not just anyone, Marie Antoinette herself. This place is mind-blowing.

I couldn’t get enough of the crepes, cider, and croissants. I had them for breakfast almost every day, and being the macaron fan that I am, a visit to Ladurée was in order.

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Lets be real enj would probably absolutely hate the tradition of putting love locks on the ponts des arts and how it affects the bridge’s infrastructure and one day grantaire would take him there and put a lock w their names on it there to piss him off and enj would start yelling at him while passerby would stare and grantaire wouldnt be able to stop laughing


The Sephora Glossy chats with the French actress-model about this seductive perfume.

A story of love. A story of seduction. A story of Paris. Inspired by the locks fastened to the famous Pont des Arts “Love” Bridge, Chloé Love Story captures sophistication and sensuality in a modern way. Contained in a beautifully packaged, pleated, locket-shaped flacon with a hand-tied ribbon, the notes of orange blossom, neroli, jasmine, and cedarwood release a uniquely feminine air with every spritz. We discussed the power of this floral fragrance with the face of the bottle, Clémence Poésy. BECKY PEDERSON

What do you like the most about Chloé as a brand?
There is something incredibly romantic and yet playful about Chloé. A sense of freedom. 

Can you describe the Chloé woman?
I’ve always loved the Chloé woman. It’s a non-aggressive femininity, but always fascinating and luminous. There is a poetry in her, mixed with energy, invention, humor…. 

What does perfume mean to you in general?
It’s one of the ways we present ourselves to the world; what remains of us in the air once we left a room, after we climbed some stairs. I feel like something of me is missing if I’ve left the house without perfume on. It’s a little bit of me. I like having a perfume that people recognize, that people remember—one scent that is mine. Whenever I have it on, I feel like it’s protecting me somehow. It’s like a little shield. 

What do you love about Love Story?
I love the freshness of the fragrance; there is something very joyful and fresh, a summer spirit. And I love the art deco style of the padlock. It’s both vintage and very pure.