Bro, I would but Monty is a school building- other people are working here.  (also my headphones are bomb and make everything sound 1000% better)

And it’d be like an hour or two just to get home and grab them and then wait for another bus D:   transit is awful on the weekends. 

Again I have to say neigh; for while any of these would be a great help in the long one, they’re not large.  a lot of the ones i’m applying for are anywhere from 500-10,000.  Much more common are the 1000’s and the 5000’s.  Again, any one would help pay for living expense, books, so on, but the bulk of my expense is flat out tuition money that goes to paying the professors.  And that’s a lot.  I had to take out 25,000 dollars the past two years in loans, that’s $50,000 I am in debt.  I am without a doubt going to need more than that this next year, so I’m saving up and searching now for scholarships to minimize that bombshell of a loan.  So while even one 500 would be beneficial, I really, really need a lot, and the bigger ones would be best.  Hopefully I can find more art ones and just slay at that.  Blah.  This is so stressful.

Actually my school offers very few, surprisingly.  I’m applying for random ones out on the internet, as can be found on Scholarships.com.  I have some I’ve already applied for, there and on another, and I’ve got some big ones that I need to do a little more work for. 

It’s just that it takes so long to see if you’re work pays off, and my attempts at this my first time amounted to nothing.  Of course, I was less diligent about it, and doing it at the prodding of my parents made me very ‘meh’ about it, which is all on me.  I’m going at this with a little more fire and brimstone (that’s the saying right?) this go around. And for the art ones that are all about skill, I know I’ve improved there.  

In fact I’m going to make mom take me out and get some new charcoal and some coldpress paper to do some new set ups.  Of what, I am not sure.  I love fabric though, fucking LOVE rendering fabric.  (I also just got some new and higher quality pencils that I’ve been dying to use, so yeah that’ll happen).

So yeah.  I just got to keep going.  It’s just.  A waiting game.  No, I’ll think of it as an exercise in patience.