I could say so much about the 2003 series.  There’s fifty episodes, first off!  When I watched it the first time, that seemed like so many, and really, it is still a lot, certainly enough to keep you entertained for several days.  And it starts out with a wonderful opening episode that really draws you in.  While the lines may be cheesy, they’re always so heartfelt.  And right off the bat, this show tries to really get in your heart and mess with you.  There are countless moments where my little ten year old heart went a flutter because of this show.  

I mean, self-sacrificing, innocent heroes are kind of my favorite.  The ones who always put themselves in front of another person, ready to stare death in the eyes and die even for a stranger, even if they’ve wronged you in the past.  Astro is a child robot who just… wants harmony, and peace.  He wants everyone to be happy, and he’s more than willing to put his own existence on the line for that, and on so many occasions he’s put to the test, to see how far he’ll go for humans and bots to achieve harmony.  

Furthermore, no character is perfect.  They have issues, they learn, they get better, they get worse.  The villains are as relatable as the allies, and the heroes, and sometimes the heroes can feel just as alien as the villains!  It’s a brilliant show, even if it’s cheesy and somewhat old.  I’ve never seen much of the older incarnations of this show, but I have seen the 3d animated movie that came out around 2008, and let me tell you, that single movie does not do it justice.  The stories are different, first of all, as well as the overall storyarch.  But I’m getting off topic.

Astroboy is amazing, despite cheesy lines, semi-predictable plots/arcs, and off lip syncing.  It’s animation is glorious, it’s color theory impeccable, and it’s theme is so tightly knit and captivating that once it starts heating up, you won’t want to stop watching.  11 out of ten would recommend.