I love photos of Mathias with Samuli, because they look like a cute couple.

Where Vreth is an excited teenage girl and Skrymer is her concerned older boyfriend that is tired of her shit

Mathias: #withBoyfriend #Love, #Skrymer<3<3<3

Samuli: *oh please no more selfies…*

or like cestvreth​ noticed, they look like taken out of some anime.

Vreth: *Skrymer-senpai has noticed meee  (●´ω`●)*

Skrymer: *you annoying little shit*

They’re adorable together, I’d ship them if they were together.


Finntroll stage line-up

Done in Krita. each took aa couple of hours

I  tried to give each of them different eye tone. Each portrait serves slightly different style as I’m still learning my way around Krita.

I wanted to draw Trollhorn as well, but I couldn’t find ANY decent quality photo that wouldn’t be over 10 years old

- Red

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