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heyoo i would rly love some advice for charm making!! 1. what r the cheapest sites to make custom charms and 2. what do u think is the appropriate price to sell detailed 2 inch character acrylic charms? thank u v much for ur help !

Nattosoup:  I recently shared a post on here about using Ponoko to make charms at any size you’d like.  My Ponoko charms were the cheapest per charm charms I’ve ever made, compared to Ink It Labs, which I’ve also reviewed, and Printcess, which is now out of business.  Acorn Press offers affordable small print run charms, and I hope to check them out soon!  You also have Zap, but I’ve heard a lot of artists on AANI complain about their quality and customer service, so while they may be cheap, I’d recommend steering clear for awhile.    You can also make charms at home using Shrink Film, which I cover here.

kiriska: Other comparative reviews include InkIt VS Zap! & Inkit VS Chillypig by shattered-earth.


Superhero Clock to the rescue!! =========================

Since I didn’t get to go to comic con :(, I have decided to design/make a set of superhero clocks instead to show my geekery.

shop: alantronics.etsy.com [link] , just because I made a bunch as prototypes and… really, I can only own so many clocks. Hahah

**edit - due to some problems, I have removed the files from Thingiverse



You guys! My prototype 2015 charms came in! I have some minor tweaks I’d like to implement before batch ordering, but I’m super pleased with the results. They’re on cherry veneer and are ridiculously cute!

Out of curiosity, what’s your favorite design? I’ll be taking suggestions into consideration when ordering numbers. My fav is the chibi Kara with the print on her dress, but the jackalope, the utahraptor, and the lucky cat are all REALLY cute. I can’t wait to have these at upcoming cons.


i drew madotsuki and monoe from yume nikki c:

if you guys havent heard of yume nikki, i highly recommend playing it, its an rpgmaker game like OFF uvu but it contains some pretty disturbing imagery, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, dont play it 

im planning on drawing monoko and ponoko next B)