If you blacklisted billdip you can still find it on Deviantart, twitter, fanfiction, Google search,ect.

The same goes for hidashi, elsanna, mabill, stancest, pinecest, pewey, stevidot, ponnie, and every other bad ship in existence. The only way to stop seeing it is to make the creators stop.


God, do you know how the internet works? If you want people to stop criticizing you and your ships…just stop shipping it!

Especially if it’s because your ships is:

1. Abusive
2. Incestious
3. Homophobic/Transphobic
4. Pedophilia
5. Too unhealthy to work

Welcome to the real world, if you keep doing something as making content (especially porn) for these unhealthy and bad ships then you deserve your fee fees hurt.

At least you weren’t abused, or raped by an adult and relative and have to sit in silence as people romanticize that shit.

Ship Day!!

I have decided that we should celebrate our new mods by having another Ship Day!! We also have almost 200 followers (we’re only one away!) so we felt the need to celebrate that as well! 

For those who don’t know, Ship day (or Ship Week since it usually ends up being a week long) is where you guys request ships for us and we reblog a whole bunch of content for you! That way you guys don’t have to go through all the hate in the tags to see content! Mod Cily might also write fanfictons and I might post some art! (no guarantees though, we might be too busy)

Ship Day officially starts on Saturday, but go ahead and send us some ship requests so that we can start getting ready for it!!

Anyways, thank you guys for following us!! And thank you Mod Cily and Mod Schnozboz for joining this blog!!  

- Mod Night


Ponny by davidivjak

Mamiya M645 | Kodak Tri-X @800 www.facebook.com/davidivjak/

More Fanart

So I was looking through some tags and I noticed that the lack of fanart in some of them has gotten extremely bad due to the amount of hate that they are getting. So I just wanted to remind people that I do take art requests and will draw art for almost any ship (I’m pretty sure that I would be okay with all ships but I’m not certain)! 

I noticed in particular that there is a lot of hate in the pewey tag and not enough art so I’m mostly looking for Pewey art suggestions. Any ship is fine though!

I also suggest that if any other artists sees this then please don’t let antis take away the happiness that you feel when you draw your favorite ships and/or characters! Draw what you want and be happy! Fill those tags with art and flood out all of the hate! :)

-Mod Night