With Gotham’s return upon the horizon and the final four episodes of the season edging closer and closer, I thought that now would be a pretty good time for me to take a moment and discuss something that’s been on my mind for quite a while.

And yes, before you ask, this is going to be another meta post, so if you don’t like these types of posts I would suggest that you overlook it, but if you’re curious about the inner workings of my mind and where I believe the series is leading with the downfall of Edward’s personality and his becoming The Riddler then pull up a chair and let’s discuss a few things, shall we?

(*~* Lots of spoilers, discussion and lots of other long winded types of talking ahead! Very long and image heavy post! Please be warned! *~*)

Edward Nygma, The Five Stages of Grief, and Becoming The Riddler~:

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my new lollita skirt ~ its called ‘ pony skirt ‘ and its seems like this :D um I like the quality but this white light -.- sorry for the bad light in my room but there was abit before a night * ^ . ^ * pLease dont deLete my crediit cuties and have a fun reblogging ! 


Monday morning always seem to drag on. I could’ve sworn that I got enough sleep but I’m still trying to shake off the feeling that tells me otherwise. That quickly changed when I heard “ACTUAL” for the first time. 

There’s not much to be found about PONYY but going off of “ACTUAL”, I can say that they have a sweet tooth for syrupy electronics and a lot of room for love. PONNY makes music that sounds like a sugar rush or the peak of that high that took too long to come but was well worth it once it did, depends on who you’re asking. Dripping with innocence yet maybe full of something else that’s hidden beneath the thick layers of offbeat bubblegum pop, “ACTUAL”, may be the first colorful and addictive taste that PONYY has delivered but it definitely won’t be the last.

Author: Jon