Oleander and Loboto! I had way too much fun with Lobotoponi’s design and drawing him is an absolute blast. It’s a bit of headcanon that his cutie mark used to be dentistry tools, but he lost it when he went bonkers. Now I just can’t tell if he’s staring at Oleander’s ass or his cutie mark because it’s a brain.

Also yes, wearing that heavy leather smock chafes Loboto’s flank. It’s rubbed hairless and raw. [He doesn’t care.]

Oleander is a Shetland pony, fyi, and his cutie mark is derived from the ‘basic braining’ merit badge he hands out.

Fred Bonaparte and Crispin Whytehead. God, I love these two. 

I couldn’t resist making Fred keep all of his visual puns, save for the fact that having tiny front legs and long back legs would make it impossible for him to walk. I settled for making his wings really nubby. He also has a giant muzzle. For an added bonus, he has a built in white flag in the form of his tail! How thoughtful.

Crispin, on the other hand, is just all-out creepy. It’s my own headcanon that the Asylum crew used to have cutie marks, but lost them when they lost their minds. Loboto’s used to be dentistry equipment, Fred’s used to be something relating to taking care of others, Edgar’s used to be art supplies [much to the teasing of his wrestling buddies], things of the sort.

Crispin, however, never had one. Methinks there’s some kind of stigma against being a blank flank into your adult years, so this would have made him extraordinarily creepy…

A page of Loboto doodles because, as said, I adore his design.

I am of the mind that he enjoys the shit out of being a pony, since he [with all of his crazy] had his brain recranialized into one and then proceeded to amputate his leg and replace his eyes again. Yeah, he was originally a human. … He takes full advantage of being able to prance by doing it everywhere. 

This gets on Oleander’s nerves more often than not.

Also poor Dogan.

I might colour this if anyone wants.

Sorry for not updating in a while! I haven’t been able to draw anything worthwhile, unfortunately, so here’s a page of really rough doodles. 

Included: Dogan being adorable, Raz on his levitation ball, younger!Oleander being booted out of [insert military branch here], Crispin sulking and Gloria trying to cheer him up, Milkman!Boyd, and Crystal and Clem’s heads. Like hell am I going to tag everyone.