A very quickly colored doodle I did a while back when I learned thAT TARA STRONG WAS GONNA BE AT BRONYCON THIS YEAR OH MAN OH MAN OH GOLLY.

Oh man, I’m a huge fan of Tara Strong; she’s a pretty huge part of my childhood since she voiced a LOT of my favorite cartoon characters (Timmy Turner, Raven, Bubbles, Princess Clara, and several others) and she remains one of my favorite voice actresses of all time. Her voicing Twilight is part of why Twily’s my favorite pony. So I’m super excited that she’ll be there!

The only problem for me is that I probably won’t have the time to get an autograph since I’m vending and, as far as I know, the times to get autographs are during vending hours. And since I’m manning my booth by my lonesome, I won’t be able to leave. Aw well…

Even still, it’s really cool that she’s going, so I doodled this! Her ponysona surrounded by plushies of some of the characters she voiced. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you guys who is who. xD Twilight’s not in there since… well, she’s going to Bronycon for a reason. So it’s pretty self-explanatory. x3 I also gave her a golden flower crown as a replacement for the toga-thing her OC always seems to wear. o3o

I’ll either sell the original or just give it away to whomever wants it, but what I’ll also probably do is provide free prints of it at my booth to anyone who’d like an extra print for a possible autograph from her. If not? Free print anyhow! c: