princess-crystal-melody  asked:

if your doing the ponified things randomly, could you do one of sebastian from black butler?

Sorry for waiting, I it’s hard to ponificate character from anime you haven’t ever watch. So, these days i watched some episodes  and i like it!!!

Thanks for your question a lot!)))

As for ponification, i tried….i dont think that it’s so good but i hope that next time it’ll be better.

Having a tablet problem, drawing Pinkiepies, using monitor with fullscreen white list as a lighttable. Despite having actual lighttable.

Two-faced harlequin Pinkie as a joker playing card. Her blade and shuriken-gun are held by the magic levitation bracelets. Her outfit is half-shiny-black, half blue-yellow, colorful af.

Maybe I’ll digitize her later. I must fight the urge to make a whole deck of this.