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Whaaaaaaaaa Sora and Haruka?!?! Well I guess I can understand why if you’re not into twincest. But even without that whole thing, I still really like Sora. Just my preference though :P

The twinest didn’t bother me, per se, because I knew it was bound to happen. I was disappointed with Sora’s lack of personality and only whining and bitching about it in general without doing anything. I don’t like twincest, either, especially when the girl looks like she’s 7 - I am very anti-lolicon, which is one reason Setsuna and Nadeko are on my list, even though Setsuna has wayyyyyy more reasons, but Sora should have done more than she did. I was really hoping for some psycho yandere action, but alas, no. I don’t mind flat characters and all that jazz,  but I hate seeing them in sexual positions unless they are clearly adults and even when… I am still kind of like ick. 

Haru ……. had no personality and just slept with everyone in the show and no one seemed to care at all. I didn’t understand that, even if the show is supposed to reset its time or whatever, I just really didn’t like the two of them. I did like Sora at first, even when she was insane over her brother, but the show just slowly declined. After I watched it, I really wondered why I watched it. o.o 

I would say the only people I truly HATE on the list are Makoto, Setsuna and Touya. But no one watches White Album, lol. I edited the post so it’s not an entire hate-list, more of a I-really-don’t-like-you-list. Hate isn’t the right word when I don’t feel much at all for them, lol. 

P.S. Writing this without a shift key was a pain.

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I will always love Akise and Fourth especially Akise (my fav) as for Yuno..no

Akise has always been my top pick I enjoy him a lot fourth is pretty cool as well :3 I don’t favor yuno compared to other characters but I don’t have a strong hate for her though.

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Definitely a lot of fun to watch. I don’t think Yuno is “perfect”, but I still love her to death

Yupyupyup :3

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People were hating on Yuno way before today, dude. Where were you?

I never stated that people only just started hating yuno today I guess I just worded my sentence wrong (I do that a lot). I just don’t get why everyone always hates her :P