the gang at a modern!school

- Two-Bit is such a theater kid

- Steve takes shop
- I mean, he could practically teach it

- Pony is always reading
- like he gets yelled at for reading and for “not paying attention,” even though he is

- Soda was put in learning support and he hated it

- Darry was in the choir

- Dallas loved chemistry cause that means blowing stuff up

- Ponyboy and Johnny would play games to help remember element names

- Steve is one of the best football players

- Dallas is on the bowling team

- Pony loves science
- he’s always up to date with new discoveries

- Two-Bit is so friendly to everyone
- he greets everyone and is always smiling
- and he accepts all the freshmen, even if they don’t shut up

- Darry was always busy
- sports, homework, clubs
- Pony is too

- Johnny started a human rights club

- Pony is friends with all the teachers
- with one teacher, he can just sign his papers with his favorite fictional characters’ names and they know it’s him

- Steve tutors people

- Two-Bit, Soda and Steve hated typing lessons

- Darry and Pony typed all their assignments

- Two-Bit even gets a little say in what musical/play they put on

- Two calls himself “Two-Bit Math-Ews”

Johnny Imagine - You realize you're soul mates

requested by anon

You got home from school in a daydream. You and your crush Jaxon were partners is science. He was so sweet and really flirty.

You walked into the room. “Ponyboy!!” You yell. There on your couch you see Johnny. “Hey johnnycake!!” You said, his face turned red from embarrassment. “Yeah?!” Pony called back.

“You know that really cute, sweet, funny, easy on the eyes boy in my science class named Jaxon?” You ask, getting excited all over again. Johnny’s face dropped, but you didn’t notice. Pony glance over at Johnny and gave him a sympathetic look. But you were so busy talking you didn’t notice.

“Uhhh.. Yeah…” Pony trailed off. “We’re science partners!! Thankfully he’s flirty.” You say ecstatic. “Umm..” As soon as Pony opened his mouth Johnny jumped up and ran.

You were extremely confused. Pony ran after him. You wondered if you’d said something. You ran with them. All the way to the lot.

Johnny was mad, but yet on the verge of tears. Pony sat beside him when you arrived. Johnny looked at Pony, he nodded and motioned him away. As soon as Ponyboy was out of sight Johnny grabbed your cheeks and kissed you with everything that boy had.

You didn’t pull back. You went with it. Johnny pulled back. “Y/N!! I love you! I’ve loved you since I was 8 years old. I can’t hold it in anymore. When you were talking about “Jaxon” or whatever his name is. I can’t imagine you with anybody but me, in nobody’s arms but mine!“ He said looking down. "I know I came off strong, I’m sorry.” He apologized.

You lifted his chin, “Johnny, don’t be sorry. I’m sorry I upset you!! Oh my gosh Johnny I didn’t mean too hurt you. I-I love you too.” You say with a smile.

Ponyboy came back. “Okay now can we go home it’s cold.” He joked. “Yeah, I guess.” You said kissing Johnny, pulling him along with you.


Free snacks with purchase of new equipment: it’s a thing in optics research labs.

Thorlabs started including boxes of “Lab Snacks” whenever there was extra room in a flat-rate shipment. Optics researchers are of course completely non-susceptible to inducements of this sort. Yet now, coincidentally, Newport Optics is including “GuruGear” snack boxes as well. The two companies have begun to specialize - Thorlabs has always offered healthy snacks (with fruit snacks occupying a delicious gray area), while Newport is trying candy and non-edible giveaways. Recently Thorlabs has begun to up its game - boxes are now heavier, and more likely to include luxuries such as Goldfish and Popcorners.

I look forward to continued escalation, and the prospect of one day getting a free pony with every optics order.

“Pancakes? Multi-layered cakes? We will never know!”

Whether it is techniques or ingredients, or whether it is inside or outside local competitions, bakers love to experiment! Some are successful, while some are failures. But as long as you are baking, you are experimenting! Expect many experimental surprises in the National Equestrian Baking Competition!

Day 21: Draw a pony doing science / Draw a pony pushing boundaries.

Mysterious Mutations Adopts!

Did some cute pony designs to take a break from finals, but wanted to make them a little different! Each one is based on an interesting genetic mutation, and you can find out in their descriptions below!

As always, rules for the adopts are in the link above! Payments are taken via Paypal, USD only. I’ll also take DeviantArt points if you REALLY want it, but money is definitely preferred. Send me an IM if you’re interested! These will be up on my DA as well.

Ponies 1-3 are $10 USD each (800 points)

Ponies 4-6 are $5 USD each (400 points)

1. Brass Beauty - This mare has a unique mutation known as Coloboma, and was born with a portion of her iris missing. When this mutation is found in the ‘outside’ area of the eye, the pupil can take on a number of strange shapes, one being like a keyhole! Generally vision is unaffected when this mutation affects the outside tissues. Her design is based on an antique lock!

2. Mix n’ Match - This mare might look a little cobbled together, and that’s because she’s a Genetic Chimera! This happens when two developing sets of zygotes in a womb combine into one, resulting in offspring that is a mix of the two! Mix n’ Match also has a Chimeric cutie mark- a mix of two different destinies! TAKEN

3. Spectral Screech - Easier to recognize in animals, this Bat Pony Stallion is an Albino! This genetic mutation causes the absence of pigmentation, leaving them snowy white and their skin and eyes pink. His radar-like cutiemark is set off to the side. It took some effort and magical help to figure out what it was. TAKEN

4.Double Digits - Even though she looks a little otherwordly, Double Digits just has her head in the stars. She has Polydactylism, a mutation that caused the development of her extra hooves, but can cause extra fingers or digits in other animals. You might recognize this mutation from Ford Pines from Gravity Falls! - TAKEN

5. Dark Opal - This Crystal Pony Stallion has Melanism, which is pretty much the opposite of Albinism! Instead of a lack of pigmentation, Dark Opal has a LOT, which causes the coloration of his dark shadowy coat. His cutiemark is a domino mask with phases of the moon, obviously a reference to his famous masquerade parties. Because he certainly can’t be involved with that local night roaming vigilante, right? TAKEN

6. Chroma Flora- You don’t need to do a double-take, Chroma’s eyes are two colors! This is from a mutation called Heterochromia- where one eye has different pigmentation than the other. This is most commonly seen in Huskies! And while Chroma’s eyes are impressive, the flowers she grows are just as colorful!

Day 27: Draw a pony doing science/ draw a pony pushing boundaries

Okay, before you think I’m insane, hear me out. I’m an elementary school janitor and one of the grades, I think all third graders, are doing sciency stuff with little crayfish. I have no idea what they do with them, but when I come in with my vacuum after school and see these containers with two or three crayfish each, literally all I’ve observed them do is fight. I can only imagine that these kids are coming back to school in the morning to find a portion of them dead as a doornail. Is that part of their experiments? I really want to know.