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Back before I joined Ponies With Pockets, I had started working on a kind of animatic of the song ‘Knights of Time and Space’. I was starting off really well, pretty proud of my work, but then when I actually JOINED I guess I forgot about it and was just a little busy with other things. I still like the art I did do, especially the shot of the inside of the Tardis, though this isn’t all of it.

 (god the Tardis door doesn’t open outwards like that imatwit).

If I were to take another go at it in the faaarrr future I would probably do a PROPER animatic with black and white sketches and a lot more frames then what I had originally been doing.

I have something to admit....

I’ve been wondering about this for a long time…whether or not to tell my many loyal followers…You’ve all stuck with me over the years….and you deserve the truth. I can’t keep it in any longer. 

I will admit to the fact, that many of you probably know be by another name as well as this one. I’ve received many lovely messages from you, both here and there, and now I must confirm what many had grown to suspect in anycase…

That I and Jitterbugjive are one in the same. 

I have kept this secret since day one, since the first Discord Whooves answer, the first Doctor Whooves and Assistant Episode, and the Doctor Whooves Adventures premier, even the ‘Crossover’ that happened last year. It was all me. Jitters. 

It started out as a way to escape the occasionally stressful life of running such a big part of the fandom and turned into something much larger. I apologize for fooling all of you, but it’s just become too much, some of you figured it out already…my love of rats, poutine and grape leaves gave me away. 

I am quite happy to get this off my chest, and now Ponyinabox and Ponies With Pockets Productions will combine into one big super group, to make a fully animated version of Wrong Way Backwards. We hope you enjoy what’s to come.

Onwards and Upwards and Avante:


Goodnight and the “Tophat” pony — Two very brilliant and very blue unicorns. 

Goodnight is from Doctor Whooves Adventures by Pony in a Box Productions. The “Tophat” pony is from Whooves n Assistant by Ponies with Pockets Productions. 

Oh no!

Oh no they are actually really cute together oh no

In a non-canonical  adventure of Doctor Whooves, the Doctor has returned to his original universe along with his companions, Derpy Hooves and Tick Tock. Avante!

This is based off Whooves n Assistant, A Ponies with Pockets Production on Tumblr. 

Oh wow, this is so unbelievably cute!

Tick Tock looks great as a human!


Ponies With Pockets Productions announces and presents its first Ponies with Pockets Gaming video in Mann vs Machine!