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Deals Part 2

Jughead x Reader

Summary: It’s a give and take world. You and Jughead are going to have to make some deals to get to know one another.

Word Count: 2290

Warnings: Like one cuss word.

A/N: The second part turned into more of a bridge for the third part of the series. I hope you enjoy! Sorry for the length!

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You promised your mom you’d be back after the movies, but not before you grilled you about the details. Where are you going? Twilight Drive-In. Who are you going with? Jughead, a boy from school (at least you assumed). Who names their kids Jughead? Some pretty chill people. What movie are you watching? Rebel Without A Cause. I love James Dean, maybe I should go? No, absolutely not.

You gave her one last kiss before whining that you had a movie to catch. Not to mention, you had to get there and find a good spot for the movie. You pulled up, paid your five dollars, and found yourself a spot near the front.

You locked up the 67’ mustang convertible and meandered about. It was a shame about them tearing this place down. You always enjoyed a good drive in.

Stepping under the awning of the concession stand, you propped up on the metal counter. “Hi, can I get a large popcorn and a cherry cola, please?” You laid out a five but the kid told you the concessions were being paid through the ticket sales tonight.

You nodded and tucked the five in your jacket pocket. The white screen sparked to life. A short drive in commercial started rolling. Dancing popcorn, smiling fountain drinks, and some raisinettes jumping around, nothing put a smile on your face faster.

“I’d pay to see that a thousand more times.”

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anonymous asked:

TMI Tuesday: who saw who nude/indecent first and how awkward was it cause I imagine it was very awkward.

Sunset: I uh… Okay, just pointing out here, where I come from ponies don’t generally wear clothes unless they’re dressing up for a special occasion. I still haven’t really grown out of that, it’s kind of why I wear the same jacket all the time - a familiar comfort thing.

Anyway, ugh, one time during senior year I invited Twilight over to get some studying done. I hadn’t had anyone over in a long time, so I had a lot of house cleaning to do… And being busy and frantic as it was I kind of just… really tired and passed out and forgot to get dressed and– Okay, I’m done embarrassing story is done for the day.

Twilight: (laughing) I walked in to see her lying butt naked on her couch! I don’t think I’ve screamed so loud in my whole life!

Sunset: unlucky for you, my butt was all you saw anyway.