ponies go camping


vyvyanlover requested a photoset of the Big Brother ponies going camping!

The Big Brother ponies work hard, so they decided to play hard and go for a relaxing weekend of camping fun! Tex grilled up some steaks and hot dogs, Chief made a big (and safe!) campfire, and 4-Speed and Salty set up blankets and camp! 

A VERY LATE RESPONSE TO @askponyaiko‘s PART OF THE ART TRADE WE DID. Thank you soo much for being patient with me, I was super busy at the time. Well here you go anyway, I hope you enjoy! ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

anonymous asked:

Why do you ride?

Well it started out as the typical little girl “I want to go to pony camp” thing. Then it turned into a hobby. Then a sport. Then a lifestyle. Everything I do revolves around horses and the equestrian sport from orchestrating my school schedule to working out to having a car with slightly better gas mileage because hey when you’re driving 170+ miles a day to train it makes a difference. I ride because I want to, I ride because I need to. Exercise benefits aside riding is the most therapeutic activity I’ve yet to find. I ride because I love the animal. I mean let’s be real horses are pretty darn cute creatures. I ride because the sport has taught me more real world lessons than anything else. I ride because as much as I may complain about 4:30 wake up calls or long days and short nights or frustrating rides or bad weather I know that’d I’d rather be at the barn than anywhere else. I ride because it’s what I know, what I live for.