Change one small thing....

AU where Alex isn’t the one to betray Raven.

Despite Alex’s best efforts to defend his friend, Raven is still convicted and thrown in jail.  Alex can’t be jailed because of his high birth - not without actual evidence - but he’s kept under watch because he defended Raven.

But late at night, it’s Alex who escapes his own locked chambers to pick the lock of Raven’s cell.

It’s Alex who rouses their comrades, and takes Seris along too when she demands to come with them.

It’s Alex who holds the torch as they arm themselves quickly, escaping into the forest.

It’s Alex who defends a grieving Raven after Seris has fallen, the rest of their comrades have fallen, and both he and Raven are severely wounded.

It’s Alex who sacrifices his life for Raven…

….but it’s too little, too late.

Raven stumbles off into the forest and collapses.

Cue the little Nasod voice promising hope and rebirth.  Raven accepts, but this time it’s not out of hatred and anger.  It’s out of gratefulness to Alex.  He doesn’t want to waste what his best friend has given him.

AU where Raven wakes up in the capsule, with half of his body machinery.  But when he’s taken out for his first bout of surgery, he sees Alex in the capsule next to him, white hair floating in green liquid.  Encapsulated with Nasod parts of his own.

And when they see each other for the first time in nearly a year, fully conscious, breathing fresh air-

they escape together.

And since there are two of them where one wouldn’t suffice

they pull off the escape.

AU where the Ponggo aren’t terrorized by Raven

but by another poor Nasod-human hybrid

And when the Elgang get there, Raven and Alex have already taken it upon themselves to defeat the other guy.

Because they know that this could have been them.

And when the Elgang come in and see Alex alone in the captain’s cabin

Aisha and Elsword attack him

but then Raven enters

He sees his best friend being attacked and moves to defend him

Until he sees Rena


Rena turns

Rena looks between Alex and Raven

Something’s not right here


Elsword and Aisha stop attacking

Alex doesn’t counter-attack when he sees the quick shake of Raven’s head

And when all is said and done and has been explained and they go back to the Ponggo

The Elgang has five members instead of the destined four.

ChronoTwisting Genius - Time Tracer Arrives! By GM Sonata

Hi Elpeeps! If you could travel back in time and change your past, would you? Add leads a tough life after his family was killed for researching the forbidden secrets of the Nasods. With the hopes of changing a tragic part of his life, Add advances as the Time Tracer to do just that.

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Elsword "Endings" (now with Lu and Ciel)

So I was thinking, what endings would be the TRUE ending for each Elsword character class?  And which ones would be the bad endings (lol RF)?  Of course we also have these “good endings” too which don’t add to plot, but are not bad either.

True Endings will be based off them completing their life-goal or following what they believe.



LK = True End: Follows his sister’s footsteps just like how he set out to do so.

RS = Good End:  He becomes closer with Aisha because he learned magic from her, also becomes more cheerful and fun with a the gang.

IS =  Bad End?:  Gloom is in his heart due to Dark El and may eventually contaminate him.


EM:= True End:  Follows her path of regaining her original magic power and becomes a strong magician.

VP = Bad End?:  Aisha continues to use dark magic and accepts a contract with the demon, Angkor.  Some of her win poses looks like she’s smirking and laughing in a stereotypical evil laugh.  Whether this implies anything depends on you.

DW = Good End:  She become a magical girl, what else can I say??


All her endings are Good Endings.  There isn’t a particular one that seems to exactly mean a true path with a major goal nor are they evil in any manner.  As long as she is protecting El and her friends, it doesn’t matter.  

Though in my opinion (but I’m being biased) NW is the True End, as she helps protect the innocent like the Ponggos, which is similiar to protecting El and her friends.


BM = True End?/Good End:  The only path that doesn’t end with him destroying himself, lol.  So I hope this is the True End, but the best end isn’t always the True End.

RF = True End?/Bad End:  Will eventually go insane and probably attempt to kill everyone, lol.

VC = Bad End:  He freaking loses HP whenever he tries a fancy combo, don’t tell me that’s going to be good for his health, and not kill him.


CEm = True End:  Follows her plan to rebuild the Nasod Kingdom by creating subordinates that will help her goal.

CN = Good End:  The ancient code doesn’t corrupt her or anything of such, just gives her an amazing arsenal of weaponry.

CBS = Bad End:  Losing emotion is a heavy price to pay for power.


IP = Trap End/True End?:  Chung’s desire to protect everyone made the Freiturnier more powerful as he crushes his enemies.

DC = Bad End?:  Becomes more of an assassin rather than a guardian; becomes somewhat “stained”.

TT = Furry End/True End?:  He uses research by his father on enhancing his cannon and uses the power to save Hamel.


SD = True End?/Good End:  Follows justice and uses the martial arts that were used by her family.  She will find her brother with her own strength.

YR = Good End?:  Using demon magic to defeat demons, she believes power will help her find her brother.

AS = True End?/Bad End:  Eun takes over her body and she’s gone.  But this may possibly happen in all 3 paths anyways so it’s possibly the most likely path.

Elesis: (Updated)

GM = True End:  Makes the Red Knights and fights for Velder (and maybe brother) against demons.

BH = Good End:  Elesis becomes a powerful flaming swordsman… but now we have this gigantic plot hole about the Red Knights =_=;

CA= Bad End:  Elesis falls to a path corruption due to Dark El and darkness.  She also seems to have lost a lot of her personality/emotions.

Add: (Updated)

LP = Good End?:  Or rather, a neutral end.  He builds an armor.  Cool.

MM = Good End?:  Neutral end, once again.  He builds more dynamos.  Cool.

DE = True End/Bad End:  He actually works on building time and space control, but breaks down into (even greater) madness realizing he couldn’t fix HIS timeline.

Lu/Ciel:  (Updated)

CH/DL = Good End:  Chiliarch can conjure demons.  Dread Lord uses revised assassination techniques.  

RG/NO = True End: Uncertain until the Elwiki background for them is updated, but I think this would be the True End since Lu seems to look more like a noble.