pong video game


Introducing the oldest machine in my collection! This Chicago Coin TV Ping Pong from 1973 that I got for $25!

It’s essentially a near perfect hardware clone of Atari’s Pong arcade board with a very similar cabinet, but a much bigger TV! You read that right, not a monitor a LITERAL off-the-shelf G.E. Black and White television!

The board’s not working right now, but I’m going to give it a shot at fixing it. This is new territory for me being an entirely TTL (transistor logic) based game!

Dave Lucitor is probably Mewman, but I wonder if he might actually be from Earth…?

It just now occurs to me that Tom has always had more of a grasp on human culture than Star; he’s familiar with ping-pong, video games, boy bands, karate movies, and he even has a (presumably) human life-coach. Maybe Tom discovered these things on his own, or maybe Tom is actually half-human, on his father’s side.

Either way, I need an episode about Tom’s family. I want to know how his parents met and what exactly it means for Tom to be half-demon; is that common in the Underworld? So many questions.


My boyfriend’s workplace is so strange to me, it’s full of vending machines, ping pong table, every video game console ever, and other random things like arcade game consoles and…electric guitars and amps?

I am used to working in a basement warehouse with literally NO windows where a guy who was paid more than me would occasionally scream at me.

… I just noticed a basketball hoop??

jimfromsales  asked:

How would Quicksilver react to a girl who had the same powers as him, but also ADHD?

  •  Thinks it’s pretty cool
  •  Challenges them to races all of the time
  •  Tries to be understanding of them not being able to focus all of the time Goes on trips around the world with them because they can get there so fast
  •  Ask them on a date or two
  •  Would probably keep the relationship platonic because he likes having a fast friend to hang out with
  •  Tries to get them interested in his hobbies 
  •  Finally has good competition for ping pong and video games
  •  Pranks the other x men with them