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Dear Fandom,

I’m going to try to say this in a way that I hope doesn’t crush feelings; I appreciate the enthusiasm for the series and I don’t want to hold it under the water until the bubbles stop, etc. etc. 


My inbox and Twitter feed are pretty adventurous places at the moment: basically, readers are asking me to participate in fandom in ways that I not only can’t (I can’t read your fanfic for legal reasons) or don’t want (I do not belong in my own fandom). Readers are asking me to confirm headcanons and provide extra-canonical material and asking for things to appear in the last book. Additionally, I have some messages about the content of the tag. 

Can I make this all sound coherent? We’ll give it a shot.

- a lot of the headcanons people are running by me are ship-related. A lot are sexual. Some of them are just pure smut. Guys, this is a series about teens. I am an adult. Even when my teen characters start exploring their sexuality, I try not to write them in a way that sexualizes them. I’m especially mindful of being an adult female creator writing m/m teen relationships. I know that it’s in fandom’s nature to write raunchy fics, but please keep them and any smutty headcanons out of my space. It makes me 400% uncomfortable. 

- I’m not hugely in favor of extra-canonical material. I know many authors are happy to provide things like “this is so-and-so’s birthday!” or “such-and-varmint was a ping pong champ before book 1!” or “this wizard was totes gay” on their blogs etc. etc. but I try to keep my canon details in canon. So know that if you’ve sent me a message (or, you know, twelve) asking for star signs or if a character is a virgin or whatever, I’m never going to answer it. Generally, if something interests me, I put it in the book. 

- I really don’t want to answer any more asks about Kavinsky. Kavinsky was written as a reaction to a violent, destructive time in my life and although I understand some readers choose not to read him that way, I don’t want to participate in those thought exercises. I tried for a year; it completely obliterated the catharsis of writing him. I really do not want to feel about the other characters the way I now feel about him.

- the smut and drug use in the tag isn’t really my business, even though I understand the uncertainty of the parents in my inbox asking about it. Maybe someone who is familiar with fandom can tell me if there’s a way this stuff is usually segregated? Or perhaps, if someone more versed in fandom could let me know of a solution to offer the folks in my inbox, please let me know.

- The Raven King is done, so asking me to put things in is impossible. And the book is full of what I think readers need, not necessarily what they want. Hopefully that will be good enough, but if not, there’s always gifs to express my narrative shortcomings. It is impossible to write a book by committee. I know you guys have been really patient with me moving the release date, and I appreciate it. March will be here and Gansey will be dead before we all know it.



Negan x Mallory Part 1 Masterlist

Okay, so I tried to add my latest pieces to here (the original masterlist) and it kept wigging out - guess I overloaded the post, lol! - so I’m now splitting it.

Everything From Negan and Mal meeting to them breaking out of Alexandrin will stay here, on the original masterlist. Everything after that will be on a second masterlist…until I take up too much space again, lol!!

So Sorry

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Negan’s Birthday

Sneak Peek

Gulity Pleasure (requested)

Spider Debacle


New Favorite Person

Bathroom Antics

Walker Guts

The Hangover

The Beach

Can’t (First) Kiss

Ping-Pong Champ

Ice Cream


Negan Fucks Up


Recruiting 2 (requested)

Costume Shop


First Time

Ghosts from the Past

Unintended Loyalty

The Librarians

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The Wife Fight

Hilltop Fight

Interrupted Amends

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The Same Boat

Last Day On Earth

The Next Day

Mallory vs Daryl

Worst Confession

Carl Sings (requested)

Carl Meets Mallory

The Trap


The Sentence

Daryl’s Morality

Part 2: Mallory’s Morality

(Not a) Conjugal Visit

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Daryl Feels

Part 2: Negan Feels





The Key




Mother and Child

At Last




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incorrecthaikyuu  asked:

Can I request some headcanons for Oikawa, Kuroo, Bokuto and Daichi in a college AU where they live together in the same dorm? (like what are they studying or who's the one that set parties all the time, that sort of thing). Sorry if it's too vague ;w;

You certainly can! It’s not vague at all. Side note: You guys should check out this blog because it’s hilarious and amazing. I read it all in one sitting. 10/10 one of my faves.
( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

I’ll write these head cannons under the assumption you mean like a shared dorm/male dorm on campus etc rather than a share house/uni apartments. 

Oikawa Tooru:
. Oikawa would still be very much involved in volleyball, more than likely in Division 1 and aiming for the national levels. As such he’d be studying sports and sports sciences no doubt. (Things like nutrition, sports psychology/physio possibly.)
. Oikawa is still Oikawa and nothing is going to change the fact that he still relies on Iwaizumi an awful lot. Regardless if they went to the same university or not. If not, they’d certaintly text and video call frequently. If they did then nothing would really change honestly.
. Oikawa would be horrified at the prospect of a shared bathroom. He’d be someone who takes the longest in there and would wake up earlier just so he could avoid using the bathroom after everyone else has been through it.
. Surprisingly Oikawa wouldn’t be the type to go on many dates, he’d be focusing on volleyball and continuing to get good marks in his studies. It does however take a while for his new team to adjust to the sudden amount of fans showing up to their practices and games. Oikawa simply gives them a sheepish apology and a peace sign.

Kuroo Tetsuro:
. Kuroo would continue volleyball in unversity, perhaps not aiming for a national level, but he certainly wouldn’t be quick to give up something he enjoys so much. As far as what he would study goes, possibly something like coaching, going on to be a state level coach or something like that. If not then certainly something pretty business savvy.
. Kuroo would be the type to organise a lot of parties, any occasion would do. Finals are over? Party time. Finals week is approaching? Party time. We passed that test? Party time. Someone moved in/out? Party time. You name it, he’ll throw a party for it. He attends university under the mantra “I should replace my heart with a second liver so I can drink more and care less about the grades I’m getting.”
. As much of a party animal as Kuroo can be he is still quite studious, he’s always been quite a responsible person and would be the type of person to pull himself into gear and get studying. (No doubt keeping Bokuto in line with his study too.)
. He is a regular at the university cafe, they know his name and his order, in fact, he gave them his class schedule so they’d have his coffee ready when he breezes through the place have dead and asleep for morning classes.

Bokuto Kōtarō:
. Like Oikawa I can see Bokuto continuing volleyball at a higher level. I really can’t see him getting involved in anything else except sports honestly, he seems to have so much passion for the game I just can’t picture him anywhere else except a sports field of work.
. Bokuto would have demanded to the dorm rep that he and Kuroo be placed if not in the same room then in very close rooms. If this was not possible, he’d try and convince whoever was close to Kuroo’s room to trade with him. They practically live in each others dorms and no one is really sure if they even manage to get any study done.
. Bokuto likes to read every notice board he walks past on campus, he calls them “little paper treasure chests, you never know what you’ll find!” he often comes home with random bits of furniture (that more often than not, don’t fit in his tiny dorm) and keeps slipping notices for male models wanted for art students on Kuroo’s desk.
. Bokuto often messages Akaashi, checking in on the team and often has to be reminded that as nice as it is that he still cares about the team, he really should be focusing on his studies and his own practice. Bokuto at this stage, sends Akaashi a selfie of himself pouting, Akaashi likes to not reply for a few hours and eventually he does feel bad for that and texts him saying that if he’s done all of his assignments he should come watch their next practice match.

Daichi Sawamura:
. I’ve answered what Daichi would be studying in this post HERE
. Daichi has been crowned undefeated beer pong champ for the past year running, he has yet to lose a single game at any of the campus parties. It’s a title he wasn’t too happy to claim at first, but after a few drinks he’ll happily brag about. Bokuto hasn’t stopped trying to take this title from him.
. Half way through the first semester Daichi sends Suga a panicked text message along the lines of “How did you do it!? They’re insane.” referring to the fact that he constantly has to keep Kuroo and Bokuto out of trouble as well as deal with Oikawa at the same school now and that he isn’t handling having to be both mum and dad.
. Daichi and Kuroo often cross paths in the morning to the cafe, silently attempting to walk faster than the other to get their coffee first. The winner walking out with a smug look on their face.
. Surprisingly Daichi is the worst one in the dorm to wake up, he’s kind of grouchy and slightly disorientated. The others end up playing rock, paper scissors to see who has to be the one to wake up Daichi.

anonymous asked:

i have a smut prompt. it's kinda based off a scene in "parent trap." human klaus & caroline are at a camp or some other program. they're always fighting. klaus dares her to strip & jump into the pool/lake naked. not one to back down from a dare, caroline does it. when she emerges from the water, she finds that klaus has run off with all her clothes. will caroline get him back? if this prompt is not something you wanna take or you want to modify it, that's totally okay!

Sooo, I’ve had this prompt FOREVER, and I’ve been wanting to write it ever since I got it. I did some brainstorming and for some reason, all I could think was “BAND CAMP KLAROLINE” and then I just wrote this thing. I don’t even know where it came from, but as a former marching band nerd, I had a whooole lot of fun writing it. Also, apologies to any brass, bass drummers, tromboners, ect in advance. All opinions about those sections are solely based on my band experience. For High School Day!


Caroline looked over the dorm rec room, eyes flitting over her fellow band mates. The end of band camp party was in full swing, the room filled with red solo cups and a keg in the middle courtesy of trumpeter Damon Salvatore. His ego was the size of the Sahara despite the fact that he flubbed his opening solo during every rehearsal. However, he looked like he was mid-twenties so he was useful for getting alcohol without being carded.

“Ready?” came a voice from her side.

She looked over, grinning at her fellow color guard member, Katherine “Let’s do it.”

They made their way over to where the percussion section where half of them had members of Caroline’s color guard squad on their laps as they flirted shamelessly, the other half were practicing with drumming pads as they ignored everybody. Her eyes fell on a familiar dirty-blonde curly head, the center snare drummer, Klaus Mikaelson, whose eyes were trained on the sheet music in front of him as he drummed paradiddles.

She and Katherine marched over to him, and Caroline grabbed the sheet music out from under him and he looked up, a snarl on his lips.

“Forbes,” Klaus said, narrowing his eyes at her. “Do you mind?”

“Mikaelson,” she responded. “I have a proposition for you.”

He arched his brow at her, an intrigued expression appearing on his face. “You finally are going to go out with me?”

Caroline scoffed, rolling her eyes. He just threw her a slow smirk, pleased to get a reaction out of her. Klaus and his family moved in from England about three years ago, immediately taking the tiny town of Mystic Falls by storm with their alluring accents. The very first day they met, he promptly hit on Caroline, citing the fact that the color guard section and percussion section were destined to date, and she shot him down almost immediately.

It’s not like she wasn’t attracted to him, Klaus being one of the hottest guys in band, but his cocky demeanor rivaled the brass section and she had no desire to deal with that.

“You wish,” she shot back.

“Every day,” he quipped with a wink and went back to casually drumming.

“I want a shot at winning the backseats of the bus,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I already won earlier tonight,” he didn’t even look up, alluding to the beer pong tournament that took place at the beginning of the party.

For the past three years, whenever the marching band came to camp at Whitmore University, there was always a big blowout party to celebrate the end of summer before the band returned back to Mystic Falls. For three years running Klaus dominated at beer pong, which included bragging rights and the back seats in the buses on the way to competition.

“I didn’t even have a chance to play,” Caroline tried, gesturing with her hands. “I had a meeting with Mr. Saltzman about the choreography and work in the ballad.”

He shrugged. “Not my problem.”

She glared at him. “Scared?”

He chuckled, the low noise settling in her belly. “Not even a little bit.”

“Caroline excels at beer pong,” Katherine piped up, arching a brow up at Klaus.

The drummer rolled his eyes, spinning a drumstick between his fingers before tapping on the practice pad in front of him. “I’m sure she does. Doesn’t mean she could beat me.”

Caroline glared at the disbelieving tone in his voice and placed her hands on her hips. “Care to test that theory?”

Klaus looked up, his rhythm never faltering as he peered at the blonde color guard captain. “I have nothing to prove. I’ve been the MFH band camp beer pong champ for the past three years.”

She glared at him, unable to refute his point.

Caroline didn’t particularly care about beer pong bragging rights; however, she did care about the back seats. Most of the time, band members had to change on the buses before and after competitions. Wiggling in and out of her sometimes skimpy color guard uniform in front of half the band filled with horny teenage boys was incredibly annoying, not to mention the leering looks from the brass section were disgusting.

“At least give me a chance to go against you,” Caroline tried.

Klaus snorted. “You didn’t even make it past the first round last year.”

“I was distracted!”

“Not my problem Lockwood couldn’t stop sucking your neck long enough to let you play, love,” Klaus shot back, smirking at the blush on her face.

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