Fear Pong

Steve Rogers X Reader

A/N: OMG so I was watching Fear Pong videos on Facebook, a few nights ago, and I thought it would be SUPER hilarious if one of the avengers were forced to play for a FB Video… So, here it is LOL this was fun!

(SIDE NOTE: I know beer pong is played with 2 balls, but they just play with 1 in this!)

Link to Fear Pong video: HERE (YouTube)

Warnings: Awkward dares, swears, alcohol consumption, (little more rated R than the real game, but still SFW), sassy Steve, etc.


“Okay, just stand over here while we wait for Steve.” The thin guy directing the video guides you over to the left side of the foldable beer pong table. “This is going to be our most watched Fear Pong video. I have a great feeling. This’ll be fun.”

You frowned, wondering what he meant.

You’d been forced into doing some video for Facebook and YouTube, after your friend – Amanda – heard that they were filming ‘Fear Pong’ in New York. She’d put you in the drawing without telling you. You didn’t even know there was such a thing as a game called ‘Fear Pong’… You’d played a little beer pong at parties, before, but you were never that great.

You were told that, basically, it was beer pong with little coasters that had dares on them. If you made it in the cup with a dare, you either do the dare – and save the cup from being drank – or you drink the cup.

Seemed simple enough.

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Introducing the oldest machine in my collection! This Chicago Coin TV Ping Pong from 1973 that I got for $25!

It’s essentially a near perfect hardware clone of Atari’s Pong arcade board with a very similar cabinet, but a much bigger TV! You read that right, not a monitor a LITERAL off-the-shelf G.E. Black and White television!

The board’s not working right now, but I’m going to give it a shot at fixing it. This is new territory for me being an entirely TTL (transistor logic) based game!