ponfarrisforwerewolves said: Do people in high school not date freshmen where you guys go to school? Because this is the norm here…I mean, it’s common, no one questions it or anything…

Date? Sure. Bone (which is pretty heavily implied here) not so much. I’m not going to say it never happened, because I’m sure it did. But there’s a difference between it happening IRL and normalising it on a tv show marketed to young adults (though one COULD argue that Allison reacting the way she did was calling it on it’s ick).

Don’t get me wrong, I am camp Lydia - go darling girl and her sexual empowerment, just not with fourteen year olds please.

So it’s been snowing like crazy all day, the roads are terrible, I’m currently staying in a house at the base of a freaking mountain… and we’re completely out of alcohol.

But then, lo and behold, like the angel that she is, Jamie magically provided for me…

(Warnings for a portion of my face under the cut. And keep in mind, I wasn’t planning on going out today on account of snow, so you can keep your judgements to yourself.)

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askbox extravaganza
also known as “i befriend the weirdest people” sequel to “seriously tho, what even is my askbox right now”
  • my askbox gets pretty crazy but yours seems to be some kind of saiyan level of weird 
  • god i love romantic comedy AUs. because smut. like it’s not just “you’ve got mail” it’s also “you’ve got mail (as well as anally penetrated” 
  • Actual cannibal Victoria Argent 
  • so i had a dream that Snoop Dog, Chris Argent, and I held up an optometrist office for no apparent reason. katt williams was there too but he was fucking useless.
  • what if i went to giantfloppyhorsecocks’s blog and liked everything until they were number one on my crushes? whAT IF?
  • I wanted to write an AU where you got your concussion because your tits rebelled and chose to swing up and whack you in the face. I need fanart for this too, obviously. I will draw it and mail it to you.
  • can we kidnap jr and ian and lock them in a room together and then film the result for posterity 
  • I will never get over the image of you sitting there with your margarita, cursing your life and choices while continuing to read about oozing masculinity and *shudder* piss slits.
  • can I just say I love we’ve reached a point in our lives where “wolves are gregarious animals” is a valid and normal opening for an argument.

ponfarrisforwerewolves said:

“I’m a black woman in college with mental health issues.” Like for real though. How does one even address these things unless they’re like…halfway living a relatively privileged, healthy life…which is no one I know under 35.

right? like yes i’m sure community college students taking a class called “creating healthy relationships” are super good at wellness

i’m too focused on motivating myself to get out of bed to worry about how i’m being intellectually challenged or how tight i am with black jesus

ponfarrisforwerewolves replied to your post: Slightly tmi?

I literally had to start trying to work out so much or eat as clean because I JUST bought new skirts and don’t want to have to buy all new clothes since I love the ones I have already.

And my bras! I CANNOT shell out all this money for 20 more pairs of underwear and bras.

URGH EXACTLY! And the problem is that I’m fat, so I drop the weight so fast and I just UURRGH, I LOVE MY CLOTHES. WHY CAN’T THEY SHRINK WITH ME??

ponfarrisforwerewolves replied to your post:

Yes you can! Tomatoes do best when temperatures don’t get too hot. I have friends in Maine who do tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and bell peppers. Their tomatoes are always huge and turn out better than mine. :)

I like you

we have a tomato garden and we have to cover it up during the times where it gets too cold, and I mean like 30 degrees and I was just thinking of how they would do in an actual wintery place?

but yay yes good to know !!

apparently there’s a toilet where they’re trapped in but one of them is a feral werewolf that’s acting like a dog and is wearing skin tight jeans apparently????? and I’m p sure doesn’t know how to take them off????? and has been there for at least two days longer or something so like?????????

where???? how????????????? his pants???????????? is he constipated and having massive kidney issues and can’t pee?????????? what?????

fuckingniara replied to your post: W…

i daydream about riding in a sidecar on your bike as we go on adventures and flip off hating ass bitches we pass on the way

sidecars are badass and i would totally be open to purchasing one if it meant i got to ferry you around and watch you be babely and sass people. also you’d probably be adorable with helmet hair, i’m a sucker for helmet hair.

ponfarrisforwerewolves replied to your post: W…

I want to ride with you but then I’d have to marry you because it all sounds super sexy and you’d be super hot and I love you so I’d just fall in love with you and make you my wife.

you say all of that like it’s a bad thing. my house has room you can bring stephen and the tribbles here and we can ride through the countryside and touch foreheads and wear lipstick and stuff.