This is around a month old and I know you’ve already offered a response to this but am I the only one who still wonders why that post has over 3000 notes and why people don’t at least provide evidence for all these serious accusation?

- @doombrigade

Because they don’t have any.

Because they know every last bit of evidence goes AGAINST everything they say.

And yet they know that everyone on tumblr is stupid enough to blindly believe them.

@ponett when andromi is done i will personally make it my mission to write a five thousand-word thinkpiece about how gay furries having feelings is ruining video games or something so that it can be a true indie game :V

thealmightypinkone asked:

You've heard of ponett right? As much as everyone hates him it still hurt that he did a callout post on me after blocking me all because I called a fictional character cunt. I don't hate women I am not musogynist because I used a fuckimg word to decribe a character. Yeah he called me sexist and that all his followers should stay away from me. Fluttershy can be a cunt it's the truth! Has he seen putting your hoof down!? Sorry I just hate. It when people block me over something stupid.

I never heard of Ponett, but blocking someone for hating a character is stupid in it’s own right.

((Why did you call FS a cunt anyway?))

anonymous asked:

Ponett ponett, did you see studio killers' Jenny video?? Something about the colours reminded me of your blog i cant explain..!! Like your blog just came to mind lol ( ° u °)/ if you know it what do you think aaaah

i could see why you think that, haha. the colors are really good in that video, very aesthetically pleasing

i never really got into studio killers but their videos are always a visual treat