One more to follow up last night’s unfinished art dump. Claire from @ponett‘s Super Lesbian Animal RPG. I feel particularly bad about this one because I got frustrated enough to contact bobby, asking for help because I was having problems with some of the perspective, getting that help and then still not finishing it. This was.. wow WAY back in February apparently so wow I’m awful. 

I think - especially in the wake of games like Night in the Woods - I’ve come to realize you can just… you can just add so many details about characters that are true to real life, even in a fantastical video game with talking animals.

It’s just really nice to see characters that, like, reflect your own experiences. I think that’s a big part of [character development].

Bobby Schroder (they/she; @ponett), from an upcoming interview for PauseCast about their game, “Super Lesbian Animal RPG”

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Oops I accidentally made the best thing I’ve made all year

This is Jodie and Faith from the new game that I’m am absolutely crazy about, Super Lesbian Animal RPG (Or SLARPG) being made by @ponett !! Jodie is, hands down, my favorite character already. I looked around and there’s not enough art of her. Faith and Jodie have such gorgeous designs. I can’t wait for this game honestly. Please go check out the creator and the game, there’s a trailer out and it has gorgeous art, cute characters, fun amazing music, like. Please go flip out about this game with me because there’s not enough people talking about it yet.

I also take commissions here!: http://fluffy-floyd.tumblr.com/post/155035272897/a-new-commission-post-for-2017-itll-probably

since tumblr hides posts with external links from searches i’m just gonna test to see if it still does that if i put patron.com/ponett in a post without the http at the beginning

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ooh i love that shirt

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That shirt is frickin’ ace, i love it

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daaaaang Robin!! you look so good!!!!!!!

Awwwww, you all are so sweet! Heh, I was really happy to find the shirt, too. I think I’m slowly kinda starting to find my aesthetic, and I feel like this suits me pretty well.