@ponett when andromi is done i will personally make it my mission to write a five thousand-word thinkpiece about how gay furries having feelings is ruining video games or something so that it can be a true indie game :V

thealmightypinkone asked:

You've heard of ponett right? As much as everyone hates him it still hurt that he did a callout post on me after blocking me all because I called a fictional character cunt. I don't hate women I am not musogynist because I used a fuckimg word to decribe a character. Yeah he called me sexist and that all his followers should stay away from me. Fluttershy can be a cunt it's the truth! Has he seen putting your hoof down!? Sorry I just hate. It when people block me over something stupid.

I never heard of Ponett, but blocking someone for hating a character is stupid in it’s own right.

((Why did you call FS a cunt anyway?))

anonymous asked:

Ponett ponett, did you see studio killers' Jenny video?? Something about the colours reminded me of your blog i cant explain..!! Like your blog just came to mind lol ( ° u °)/ if you know it what do you think aaaah

i could see why you think that, haha. the colors are really good in that video, very aesthetically pleasing

i never really got into studio killers but their videos are always a visual treat

  • Me:*calls Fluttershy a cunt*
  • Ponett:*overreacts and blocks me calls me misogynist and tells his followers to block me because I called a fictional character a cunt*
  • Me:...............you are not going to even me a chance to apologize?