A gift for Bobby aka Ponett for his upcoming SUPER CUTE GAME THAT I AM VERY EXCITED FOR Super Lesbian Horse RPG~ It’s almost nearly done, and I cannot wait. I’ve been following the development of SLHRPG since he started it, and I am amazed on what he has made so far. The graphics are adorable and the self made bg’s are gorgeous! He’s also a pretty rad dude also.

I was going for a video game cover/ poster vibe. I just discovered the mosaic tool in PS…so I went a little overboard huehuehue



So after falling helplessly in love with Bobby Schroeder’s wonderful game Super Lesbian Horse RPG, I decided that I badly needed something related to the game up on my wall.

Thanks the Walmart Printing Station and the absolutely fantastical artist Purmu, who drew this here picture as a congrats on the game’s release, my dream became a reality for only $13.90 CAD.

Thanks again to both Bobby and Purmu for being such awesome peeps~

NOTE: My phone doesn’t have a very good camera, and it was kinda dark in my room. So the second picture kinda looks really dark. Also I just hadto put it up beside my other Flutterdash poster, right?

Pretty N' Pink (Pinkie's Bed & Breakfast & Dessert Theme)
  • Pretty N' Pink (Pinkie's Bed & Breakfast & Dessert Theme)
  • Raddons
  • For Super Lesbian Horse RPG

So a little while ago Bobby asked me if I wanted to contribute music to his game Super Lesbian Horse RPG. The game looks super cute, super funny, and super fun, so I enthusiastically accepted the offer and was given the opportunity to do an area theme for Pinkie. 

I decided to go down the VRC6 route again. I didn’t think I’d be working within NES limitations again for a long time (Wonderful Creatures kind of wore me out), but I decided that by working within the NES limitations I could do something that really captured the essence I needed. It was a fun project to work on and I’m really glad I got the opportunity to do this.

I absolutely cannot wait for the game.


ponett posted:

THAT’S RIGHT! my game is finally playable! it’s a VERY small portion of the game (the whole thing will probably take you five minutes), but it’s a fun one nonetheless. consider this the e3 demo of my game. wait shit i should’ve waited until e3 to do this, huh? oh well, it’s ready now, so i’m releasing it

And I, Flutterwhat, am pleased to bring you the best OS X port of Bobby’s game! I worked for 7+ hours to make this possible (mostly because I really really really wanted to play it.) 


Click to download!!

When you download the game, you will be downloading a ZIP file. (People using Safari users will not have to unzip it themselves)  Unzip it and you’ll find SLHRPG DEMO.APP (Fluttershy and rainbow dash sleeping on a cloud together<3)  and readme.txt (which you should totally read) (like seriously)

Double click the sleeping pegasai icon, wait for it to load, and play the game!

of course please note that the final version coming in june will have way more cool stuff. also everything in this demo is subject to change, just like it says at the bottom of the title screen

i think that’s all i need to say here. just play the demo. it’s fun, i promise. go go go