time to mention all the blogs in this picture, so let’s get going. keep in mind that these are only the blogs that have a pony/dragon OC in their discription. sorry if your OC isn’t in here :/

11-white-dragons was the first to follow me, thanks for sticking around :D
asksweetiestringsblog i still remember you but i’m rather sure you went
ask-jamesheart you good sir are an amazing musician! sorry for drawing you so bad but i had to include you just to say that
tennetgears a unique OC i must say, keep working on drawing ;)
ask-lumineeblue can’t say i’ve met you, but you decided to follow me for some reason so that’s cool 
kitty-kitty-azu you had a cute blog, to bad you stopped after you started :/
askbananapie YUS BANNANS
thebookofeclipse i can’t believe you went offline as well ;_;
kisarathefilly also offline, but perhaps you’ll find this some day regardless
ask-commander-shield-scales yes you, why are you still here! you should be drawing right now!
fingrprints2 holy shit you stuck with me for a long time, thanks for that!
ask-keystar perhaps the most hybrid pony i’ve seen in my life. also i drew you wings backwards… sorry ‘bout that
askwriterstarthings gosh that ponytail is cute :3
ask-thunder-cloud cute OC to bad you don’t draw him often
indigocards trust me you don’t want to know how long i took to draw that hat
shadowfoxsilver i’m pretty sure you and keystar are friends so i put ya together :D
hawaiipon watch out where all that alcohol goes
ask-rye-dimar-dragon phew you’re a hard dragon to draw O.o but you’ve been supporting me since the start so thanks! a lot!
askdarkstorm4522 not so on for alicorn OC’s but whatevs, at least we have the same music taste
askponyren cool blog you got going, will the story progress?
askmalithepony never met you, but you’re in a HELI! WOOP!
dungeonmasterbonbon i… i din’t know if you had an OC or no, so i just drew bonbon, sorry…
phoenixcrashbolt WHY ARE YOU EVERYWHERE? (your OC is litterally everywhere o.o)
asktheadventurousmare watch out for thos helicopter blades, they’re sharp
ask-arthenityandfriends your design is so cute!
adventuresofshortcircuit are… are you still alive?
ask-speer-and-axel i asked for a picture or discription of your OC but didn’t get one, so i just used your profile picture :/
askhoovesandfeathers you’re a good friend, i really wanna talk more :o
coaldust-the-strange TRAINS, TRAINS EVERYWHERE!
ask-widget are you a robot? can you bake me a cake?
ask-peachy-pop gosh i love me some peaches, NOT THAT WAY, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT
shortcircuitmlp wait are you related to the adventures of shorcircuit??
nexus-art-stuff sorry! i was to tired to draw another dragon! i’ll make it up to you some day!
evil-laughter-rp thanks for sending me the ref ^^
askpenpointandfriends cute hairstyle!
ask-drak why u no draw anymore, your art was epic!
ask-private-applejack sorry rarity isn’t on that piece of paper, plz don’t shoot anyone…
askdivebomb i’m still laughing about the fact that it took me ages to figure out you had a pony blog xP
ask-duskandholy hope you get out of feeling stressed and such soon ;)
2horsedrawthings cute art from you, not sure what else to say since i don’t know you very well
acethepony thanks for visiting my livestream from time to time, i really appreciate it ^^
ask-silver-pallette what is your OC holding in that avatar??
Apocalyponies look at these scars!
the-evil-brony227 interesting OC design, with the hair and stuffs o.O
ask-arc-bolt-the-wise can i boop ur nose?
jedi515 the force is strong with this one
djm30wm1x what is up with your OC? is she having a nervous breakdown?
askfirejadedragony dragonponies, they’re cool but you’re a regular pone now! cus i said so!
pixthepixel GAME OVER DUDE!
askcarmenpondiego can’t draw anthro’s sorry, see if you can find your OC
askrainbowmelodyandfezdash strange name, why would dash wear a fez?
ask-chain-rattle what’s with the chains on your hooves O.o?
ask-tree-hugger yeah, far out dude
ask-the-cmb cute group, though i had to choose just one of you sadly
melisma-jk so you’re fairly new! thanks for deciding to stick around :D
aerialaim i think you’re stuck between ponies
the-oc-hub Y SO MANY OC’S
askthunderblitzandtriabane hard name but a beautifull OC
ask-discorded-princess-luna i’m afraid i could only draw luna i gave her inversed eyes though
oceanspray-replies so are you a fish?
ask-the-awkward-fillies well… this is akward
ask-acepony kindof a strange talent for a pony but i won’t ask questions
l-m-wub that gorgous music though, i put you with the other amazing musician

and that’s it for the list filies and gentlecolts, the size didn’t fit perfectly so the last panel doesn’t connect xD i don’t care fuck it!
story updates will be coming out again, hopefully the story can finally improve from it’s current state (boring and really uneventfull)
thank you all for dropping by!